A Forgotten Man?

by Peter Gardner

In the UK his name rarely crops up in discussions about jazz saxophonists and no saxophone student I have talked to recently has ever heard of him.  I suspect the same goes for many of those students’ teachers as well.  Even if you look on the websites of the famous jazz stars he played and recorded with, his name is at best infrequent.


Sax Masterclass Recap – Hannah Marcinowicz (Sat Feb 25th, 2017)

It’s always nice to welcome back a musician that left such a great impression the last time they visited. Hannah Marcinowicz (www.hannahsax.com) previously held a Clarinet Masterclass here at Dawkes which was met with universal acclaim from all those in attendance and another great session was enjoyed last Saturday with some Sax players, young and…well, let’s just say more experienced players!