The Shy Revolutionary

Join Jazz aficionado Peter Gardner as he takes a look at the glorious Lester Young…

By the autumn of 1936 someone who would become one the most influential and imitated of all jazz musicians had been ‘on the road’ for most of his twenty seven years, but hadn’t yet been heard on record. Lester Willis Young had started out as a boy drummer in his father’s band, though in early adolescence he discovered that by the time he had packed up his drums at the end of an evening, the girls had gone.  So, he switched to saxophone.


Flute Masterclass – 6th October, 2016

Together with Pearl Flutes we’re delighted to be supporting a Flute Masterclass with top European flautist Krzysztof Kaczka in Oxfordshire on October 6th…


Where: Oxfordshire County Music Service, Centre for Music, Bayswater Road, Oxford, OX3 9FF

When: Thursday October 6th (5pm – 7pm)

Suitable For: Any advancing flautist from Grades 2/3 onwards

Cost: FREE (Parents & Pupils all welcome)

Booking: Direct through OCMS: (Tel) 01865 816 999 (Email)

More Info: If you’d like any more info please contact or call us on 01628 630 800 (Contact Name: Karen or Linda)


‘Bagpipe Lung’ – Cleaning Care Advice & Gear for Wind Instruments

Many of you will have seen the recent article and report warning players of so-called ‘bagpipe lung’ infections. So, what’s the truth behind the situation and what can you do to ensure you keep your instrument clean and safe…


The Making of a Masterpiece…

Join Jazz aficionado Peter Gardner as this time he takes a look at the origins of ‘Body and Soul’…

It would become one of the world’s most recorded songs. One recorded performance would reach artistic heights rarely exceeded in the history of jazz. As the result of that performance, the tune would become something of a test piece for jazz musicians, particularly tenor saxophonists. Yet, some accounts of the song’s origins give little hint of the memorable things that were to follow.


When Johnny Hodges Doubled…

Join Jazz aficionado Peter Gardner as he takes us back to 1938 & that famous Carnegie Hall Concert with many of the Jazz greats…

On the evening of 16th January, 1938, Benny Goodman and His Orchestra played before a packed house at New York’s Carnegie Hall. Billed as ‘The First Swing Concert in the History of Carnegie Hall’, it was not the first time jazz had been played in what Down Beat called the “sanctum of long-hairs”, but it was the first time an entire Carnegie concert had been devoted to such music.