The Summer of Vintage Saxes!

This summer we have seen a multitude of beautiful vintage saxophones come into the workshop so we thought you might like to see what we have seen and what their issues were. Have a look through, there are some real beauties!


Introducing… Dawkes Music Reed Selection Packs


As fellow clarinettists, here at Dawkes we understand how important it is to find the right set-up.


Workshop Tips: How we fix clarinet cracks

BEFORE: 20150608_115030-2

This Buffet R13 came into our workshop with an enormous crack in the top joint, running through the speaker tube and into the thumb bush. Miraculously, the crack had not travelled through into the bore of the instrument, so we were able to fill and secure the crack using wood powder, glue and a lot of patience.


Simon Willescroft plays Cannonball Bari Sax at T in the Park with Paloma Faith

It was great to see our friend, and Cannonball Musical Instruments artist, Simon Willescroft rocking it with Paloma Faith at T in the park this weekend on his B5-B Cannonball Bari Sax!


Selmer Paris release new reeds!

We are excited to hear that Selmer Paris will be launching their own reed range for soprano, alto and tenor saxophone!