Snake Davis DVD – “Make It Sing” Review

“MAKE IT SING!” Snake Davis

“What good is a great finger technique if it is not supported by a fantastic sound? The notes won’t mean anything” (Snake Davis)


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British Flute Society Convention – Day 4 FINAL

[youtube][/youtube]Day 4:
I must say that despite barely playing a note over the past few days I am totally fluted out! Today started with a brilliant beatboxing session with Greg Pattillo (SEE VIDEO ABOVE – COURTESY OF YOUTUBE).


British Flute Society Convention – Day 3

After a good nights sleep I managed to make it to Trevor Wyes early 
session on practising efficiently followed by the brilliant Alexandra
Grot, the hong kong flute centre flute orchestra, another piccolo
recital and the fantastic Katherine Bryan who has inspired me to dig
out the Hue fantasie when I get home.


British Flute Society Convention – DAY 2

Well, needless to say I didn’t make it to the warm up this morning at 7am but I did manage to catch an early lecture on performance anxiety with Mary lee Cochran from the psychology department of Kansas State University. This was followed by a recital by two horribly attractive and talented flautists, Kayoko Minamino and Zsuzsa Vamosi-Nagy, titled fresh faces – fresh music.