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Tone Tablet Size 1

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The Tone Tablet is designed to optimise the tonal output of your Saxophone. It's a simple, discreet and non intrusive tablet that is inserted into the lyre holder on your Sax neck tenon. It is held in place by the lyre screw.

Whilst it may seem incredible that such a small item can make a discernible difference, it's worth remembering that manufacturers and designers obsess over the smallest details regarding weight placement on instruments due to the various nodal points of design. The addition of weight, and certain materials, you can add a feeling of resonance, solidity and richness to your overall tone.

The tablet is made from Silver Bullion and allows for different vibrations and resonance. Various tests have been done using the same set-up mouthpiece/reed/sax etc and comparing the frequency via a Spectrum Analyser. These show the use of the Tone Tablet offers a more even spread of frequencies throughout the spectrum, with both low and high end frequencies boosted and the high end frequencies far more focused.

You don't have to take our word for it, or indeed Cory Bros or the selection of pro's that are using them. Just try one out using our 14 day approval and if you don't think it helps simply send it back for a refund!


This Size 1 model fits Alto/Tenor in: Selmer (Cigar Cutter, Balanced Action, Mark VI, Mark VII, SA80 Series II and III, Reference Models) Yanagisawa, R.S Berkley, Lupifaro, P.Mauriat, Antigua and Artemis. (There is a Size 2 which is for Selmer Super Balanced Action, Keilwerth, Borgani and Brancher).

What the Pro's Say:

"The Corry Bros Tone Tablet is somewhat of a miracle. I never thought that a device so small could make such a big difference other than what my personal mouthpiece can do already. This half inch Tone Tablet does exactly what it says it does and more, it's amazing and I now won't perform without it. My saxophone sings more than it ever did, total perfection. This is where science and music unify and play in perfect harmony" - Tony Kofi (Award winning UK Saxophonist)

"The Tone Tablet you sent me to try is unbelievable. I don't know why or how it works, but it really does! As soon as I put it in any of my horns, the difference is immediate and undeniable. The tone becomes more robust, with added texture and a more consistent core. Even more than that though, it seems to iron out any quirks in the way the horn responds, giving greater consistency of response across the entire instrument. It centres every note. This is a must-have item for any saxophonist. I've been really happy with my set up for some time now and the tone tablet just takes what I already love and makes it better! Thank you Corry Bros!!" - Simon Kaylor UK (Award winning saxophonist and Senior Lecturer in Saxophone LCoM)


Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2020-06-26

I have a Paul Maurier System 76 Tenor Sax with a Vandoren V16 Large chamber and Legere Signature reed. I have noticed a much deeper tone with the tablet fitted. The high D, E and F seem easier to play and sound more melodic. Such a small, and affordable, thing has made an appreciable difference.

Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2019-05-08

Vraiment surpris qu'une si petite pi├Ęce apporte autant au niveau sonore!

Paul Fawcus  -  2018-11-17

This really is an insignificant looking piece of metal. Didn't believe it would make any difference at all but it has improved the density of sound (especially in the low end) of my 1921 Tenor. I'm starting to learn a little about the science of it as I'm always curious about 'What,why & How'. I don't leave home without it now.

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