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Trumpet Mouthpipe Dent Roller Kit

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The N86 Trumpet Mouthpipe Dent Roller Kit consists of two parts: (1) The two-headed dent roller and (2) the tapered mandrel with a stop sleeve. The two headed mandrel accomplishes several things. The curvature of the working surfaces of the roller works harmoniously with the curvature of the specially designed, floating, tapered mandrel. The other end of this mandrel works terrifically to take a dent out of a straight tuning slide for cornet, French horn, trumpet and mellophone. Since you will be applying equal pressure almost all the way around the mouthpipe, there is very little chance of producing egg shaped tubing If properly done. Also, the long mandrel inside the tubing gives you the leverage to work easier and retain more control. It has been said that this tool not only takes out dents, it actually remanufactures the mouthpipe. Here?s how to use it:* Place the two headed dent roller in a strong vise* Remove the mouthpipe from the trumpet* Clean off solder and any other debris.* Slip the mandrel into the trumpet mouthpipe* Position the sliding sleeve so that the mouthpipe is against the sleeve and slightly loose on the mandrel.* Using the knurled screw, lock it in place so the mouthpipe cannot move up and wedge itself tightly on the mandrel. The end of the trumpet mouthpipe willpush against the edge of the sleeve while you are using the tool. The mouthpipe must float at least by 1/4? laterally.* Place the mouthpipe, with the mandrel inside, between the rollers and apply side pressure to push the mouthpipe against the rollers.* Push the mouthpipe and mandrel back and forth between the rollers (while still placing pressure). Rotate this mouthpipe/mandrel constantly and the dentwill be removed. For best results use both hands, one at each end of the rod.

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