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Acoustic Room

Have you ever tried a mouthpiece or instrument in a shop or testing booth then got it to the gig, back home or rehearsal and found the sound to be not what you expected? Of course, we all have! Any new equipment will respond differently in varying rooms and venues so imagine being able to test that, record it and take away a cd/mp3 copy before the point of purchase. You could compare old vs new in a variety of acoustics, take away the results and actually listen to what your listeners hear.

Students and Teachers alike can find a practical use for the acoustic room. New pieces can be played, recorded and studied. This can help the player hear where they can improve and the teacher can compare and contrast previous performances to demonstrate progress as part of their teaching programme. Your session can be either put on a CD, or if you have a USB device, simply copied straight over.

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Using The Virtual Acoustic Environment

A significant feature of the VAE system is the ability to record and playback. The Control Panel allows you to record and select your chosen acoustic environment.

Recordings made in the room can be played back in the same room at the push of a button. To share this recording elseware requires that the session be downloaded from the VAE's system memory into another device. Sessions recorded in the room can later be recorded real-time onto another recording device or transferred to a laptop computer, where they can be played, emailed, burned to Cd or transferred to other digital devices such as MP3 Players.