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  • Buffet (3)
  • Yamaha (2)
  • Uebel (1)
  • Selmer (1)
  • Jupiter (1)
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  • Professional (5)
  • Student (2)
  • Intermediate (1)
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  • Wood (5)
  • Plastic (1)
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  • £10000 - £15000 (4)
  • £2500 - £5000 (2)
  • £5000 - £10000 (1)
  • £1500 - £2500 (1)

Bass Clarinets

Bass clarinets are a relatively unusual form of clarinet, and are distinctive from the 'soprano clarinets' that include the A and Bb clarinets.

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Yamaha YCL-221IIS Low Eb - Bass Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-221IIS Low Eb - Bass Clarinet

Buffet 1180 Low Eb - Bass Clarinet

Buffet 1180 Low Eb - Bass Clarinet

Buffet Prestige Low C - Bass Clarinet

Buffet Prestige Low C - Bass Clarinet

Buffet Tosca Low C - Bass Clarinet

Buffet Tosca Low C - Bass Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-622II Low C - Bass Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-622II Low C - Bass Clarinet


Bass Clarinets are a common sight in orchestras and wind ensembles. The bass is pitched in Bb and can either be supplied with a range down to a low Eb or a low C. The low C models are required for professional orchestral playing. When you are seeking the perfectly suited bass clarinet for sale along with associated accessories, you can place your trust in the comprehensive product range we offer here at Dawkes Music.

A bass clarinet can be ideal for a wide range of performances

There is a huge variety of musical situations in which you may play a bass clarinet. These instruments appear regularly in orchestras and concert bands, and occasionally in marching bands, contemporary music and jazz. The bass clarinet has a long and fascinating history. After its invention in the 18th century, it found popularity the following century among composers like Richard Wagner. It was a frequently chosen type of clarinet for rich orchestral work. Extensive users of the bass clarinet during the mid-20th century, meanwhile, included Eric Dolphy, whose use of the bass clarinet for jazz music showed new ways forward for both the instrument and genre.

You can choose from all manner of bass clarinets at Dawkes Music

Are you looking for a low Eb or low C bass clarinet, a wood or plastic bass clarinet, or a Buffet, Yamaha, Jupiter, Uebel or Selmer bass clarinet? Whichever type of clarinet you are interested in, our website makes it easy for you to sort through the options that we offer. Such a broad range of clarinets makes it easy for you to find even a relatively cheap bass clarinet that is also high in quality. Don't forget that you can also dip into our selection of bass clarinet accessories to make the most of our competitive prices for a bass clarinet mouthpiece, reeds or stands. For all things bass clarinets online, the Dawkes Music store can be your reliable and only port of call.

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This can include use of specialised materials and processes to enhance the feel, response and playability of the instrument.

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