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If you're a fan of British brass bands or jazz, there's a good chance you've heard the flugelhorn The sound is somewhere between a French horn and a trumpet, so it's not immediately obvious that the instrument developed from the English valveless bugle. In fact, many beginners confuse the flugelhorn with the trumpet because the instruments resemble one another. If you're looking for one, you've come to the right place – here at Dawkes Music, we can tell our flugelhorns from our trumpets, and we're more than happy to help you find the instrument that's right for you..

History Of The Flugelhorn

Compared to several other brass instruments, the flugelhorn is relatively young. The first version was sold by German musician and inventor Heinrich Stölzel in Berlin in 1828. Stölzel added valves to a traditional bugle, but his creation was only the beginning. Adolphe Sax (inventor of the saxophone) was inspired by the newly developed valved bugle, and he created the Bb soprano saxhorn. If you compare the modern flugelhorn to the valved bugle and the saxhorn, you'll find that it more closely resembles the latter. That said, the flugelhorn's tube is the same length as the trumpet's, although the conical bore is wider. You'll find a selection of flugelhorns at Dawkes, so whether you're a beginner or a dyed-in-the-wool professional, there's an instrument for you.

A Selection Of Flugelhorns

The majority of flugelhorns are pitched in Bb, and they have the same range as most Bb trumpets and cornets. It's not impossible to find instruments pitched in C or in Eb, although they're generally sought by professional musicians rather than beginners. Eb flugelhorns don't have the best reputation when it comes to intonation, so they're usually replaced with Eb cornets or trumpets. The flugelhorns at Dawkes are pitched in Bb, but if you're looking for one pitched in C or Eb, we're happy to source and order an instrument for you.

While the instrument is best known for its role in brass bands and jazz, it sometimes appears in orchestral, concert band, and even pop music. You can hear the flugelhorn in works such as Ralph Vaughan Williams' Ninth Symphony, Igor Stravinsky's Threni, Michael Tippett's Third Symphony, and during the middle movement of HK Gruber's Busking trumpet concerto. Occasionally, the flugelhorn replaces the post horn in Gustav Mahler's Third Symphony and the soprano Roman buccine in Ottorino Respighi's Pines of Rome. Between 10 and 20 flugelhorns are used to form the base in Belgian and Dutch ‘Fanfareorkesten' or fanfare orchestras, which can make for a rather impressive sound!

If you want to hear the flugelhorn outside of its traditional settings, listen to Bert Kaempfert's 1962 song, That Happy Feeling. You'll hear the instrument in many of Burt Bacharach's pop songs from the 1960s. It also appears in the 1996 film, Brassed Off where Paul Hughes plays Rodrigo Concierto de Aranjuez, Adagio

At Dawkes, you can choose from brand new flugelhorns crafted by reputable manufacturers such as Getzen, Yamaha, Windcraft, Courtois, Bach Stradavarius, and Conn. If purchasing a new instrument isn't a possibility for you at this time due to the cost, there are other options. We sell well looked-after second-hand instruments, and we offer rentals too.

Flugelhorn Advice

At Dawkes, we do more than sell musical instruments. We also offer advice that can come in handy when caring for or playing your flugelhorn. You can speak to our friendly, knowledgeable staff in-store, on the phone, or via email, and you can use our online resources. Our blog features a variety of informative posts, such as hints and tips, overviews of instrument components and accessories, product reviews, and more.

Flugelhorn Rental

Purchasing an instrument such as a flugelhorn, whether new or second-hand, is a big commitment. Whether it's for yourself or a child, there's always the chance that you or they will not take to the instrument. If you would rather be absolutely certain that you want to play the flugelhorn before committing to purchasing one, you can take advantage of our rental scheme.

Different Types Of Flugelhorns

At Dawkes, we pride ourselves on giving musicians and aspiring musicians various options. You'll find a selection of flugelhorns in our store. There are brass, red brass, and silver-plated instruments from various manufacturers and at different prices. Speak to our friendly staff if you need help deciding which flugelhorn to purchase.

There's more to Dawkes than an array of flugelhorns and other instruments. We also sell all the accessories, spare parts, and maintenance essentials you could possibly need. As far as flugelhorn accessories go, we've got mouthpieces, valve oil, mutes, stands, cases, tone enhancers such as sound bridges and bands. For maintaining your instrument, we've got replacement parts, brushes, cloths, cleaning solutions, polish, and mouthpiece cleaners. If you would rather not try to repair your flugelhorn yourself, our workshop will be happy to service it for you. Whether you're looking for flugelhorns or other instruments, Dawkes is your one-stop-shop. We'll go as far as saying that we're more than just a music shop. We're a committed team of music lovers who want our customers to get the most out of their instruments, and we're ready to welcome you.