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Bass Trombones

Throughout history, bass trombones have been used in a variety of musical situations - and in some cultures the trombone still has a special and sacred role in military and religious music. Did you know…the trombone actually has a range very similar to that of the human voice - which makes harmonies sound particularly beautiful from this instrument.

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Yamaha YBL-421GE Lacquer - Bass Trombone

Yamaha YBL-421GE Lacquer - Bass Trombone

Getzen Eterna 1062-FDR Lacquer - Bass Trombone

Getzen Eterna 1062-FDR Lacquer - Bass Trombone

Bach Stradivarius 50B30 Lacquer - Bass Trombone

Bach Stradivarius 50B30 Lacquer - Bass Trombone

Getzen Eterna 1052-FDR Lacquer - Bass Trombone

Getzen Eterna 1052-FDR Lacquer - Bass Trombone

The bass trombone

The bass trombone is one of three commonly seen trombones. These are; the straight tenor, the trigger-type tenor (also often called F-rotor or F-attachment), and the bass trombone. Whilst the tenor trombone is usually the trombone most musicians start out learning, the bass trombone is often the next step in their musical journey. Bass trombones have a wider bore size tenor trombones, and because of this range, they are often equipped with one or two extra pieces of tubing. This extra tubing helps to supplement the extended bass range, but it does also make the bass trombone heavier and bigger than the tenor.

Aside from the bore size, bass trombones also use a larger mouthpiece (that is wider in diameter). This larger mouthpiece makes it easier for the player to produce lower sounds with a good tone quality. The bass trombone also has the largest bell in the trombone family, usually ranging from 9.5 inch diameter up to 11 inches.

THow does the bass trombone work?

The bass trombone works in a very similar way to the tenor trombone. The sound is created through the metal tube, and it is the pressure put on the column of air within this tube that creates the noise the bass trombone is well known for. The slide can be moved to and fro to change this pressure and therefore change the tone and note being played.

What kind of music does a bass trombone play?

All trombones are extremely versatile so they are found across a wide range of musical genres. However, saying that, you'll likely associate a bass trombone with jazz bands, marching bands, and orchestras. We have many bass trombones in stock at Dawkes, ranging in budget, across a variety of different brands and if you need help or advice on choosing the right bass trombone for you, or if you're confused about which bass trombone fits your requirements or budget, we're always happy to help. Our musical experts at Dawkes are always ready to answer any questions you might have.

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