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  • Yanagisawa (4)
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  • Elkhart (1)
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  • Lacquer (12)
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  • Baritone Saxophone (4)
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  • Professional (7)
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  • £2500 - £5000 (4)

Baritone Saxophones

The Baritone Saxophone is one of the lesser-played Saxophones, and is a rarer find in bands and orchestras, compared to its more well-known cousins, the Tenor and Alto Sax. The Baritone is one of the lowest pitched Saxophones in the woodwind family, and creates a beautiful smooth sound, with a wonderful deep tone - and it is this that sets the Baritone Saxophone apart. Whilst it is one of the biggest instruments in the Sax family - it's still found across the musical industry - with many musicians choosing to play it for its deep notes and rich timbre. It's often played in concert bands, jazz bands, big bands and chamber music.

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Conn-Selmer Premiere - PBS-380V - Baritone Sax

Conn-Selmer Premiere - PBS-380V - Baritone Sax


If the Baritone is your instrument of choice, we know how important this purchase is for you. A musical instrument is like an extra limb for people who are passionate about music - so we know how important it is to choose the right instrument, and find the right musical match for you. Our teams of musical experts at Dawkes are always willing to help where possible, and will be on hand to answer any questions or concerns.

Some of the brands we can offer in our Baritone Saxophone range are; Yanagisawa, Selmer, Elkhart, Jupiter and Yamaha. We know many people become extremely loyal to their chosen instrument brand, but if you're looking to try something new - we'd love to help you choose the right brand for your needs.

If you're looking to buy a Baritone Saxophone in the UK, we have many for sale at Dawkes. Our Baritones come in many variations of make and design, with a great variety of choice available for both beginner and experts. Baritone Saxes are used by players of all ages and experience, and our wide selection of instruments at Dawkes lends itself well to this.