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Oboe Care

The instrument you have bought is of value and will need looking after. Here are a few simple steps on how this should be approached.

Daily or Each Time You Play

1. After playing, clean the inside of your Oboe using the cleaning mops supplied with the instrument (ACM142). Firstly, take the oboe apart, then clean each joint in turn. Push the mop into the bore, twist and remove. Use the Oboe Mops two or three times to ensure the bore of the Oboe is dry throughout.

2. Clean the outside of your Oboe with either a Duster – for Nickel Plated Keywork (ACM503), or a ‘Silver Cloth’ – for Silver Plated Keywork (ACM502). This should be carried out every time you have finished playing.

18 Months - 24 Months

To ensure correct performance and a long life for your Oboe, it is recommended that you have it checked by a professional repairer after 18-24 months.

Oboe Care