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One of the most celebrated and divisive genres, jazz is powerful music that continues to attract devoted fans more than 100 after its development. If you’re reading this, you’re probably in the market for good quality jazz music instruments. You’ve come to the right place. Dawkes offers a wide range of new and previously owned instruments, and we have rental plans, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.



Bold and bright, the sound of the trumpet is one that millions of people associate with jazz music. The trumpet’s also versatile in that it can replace cornets in bands.

If you’re a beginner or novice player, you’ll find new Bb Trumpets starting from approximately £200, or you can hire a Trumpet for about £15 per month.

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Saxophones are so familiar a sight in jazz bands that people who don’t think of trumpets first when they hear the word “jazz” probably think of the saxophone.

Are you a beginner? Hire an alto or tenor sax from Dawkes from approximately £30 per month. Alternatively, take a look at our other Saxophone options, such as sopranino, soprano, and baritone saxophones.

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The clarinet is not the showiest of jazz music instruments, but its unique sound and historical importance to the development of the genre give it incredible presence. Hire a clarinet from Dawkes for as little as £15 per month or treat yourself to a new Clarinet for about £200. Choose from Bb, A, Eb, alto, bass, and special clarinets.

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Arguably the most theatrical jazz music instruments in the bands that use them, trombones have been part of the genre since the days of Dixieland Jazz. They’re also a feature of the jazz of the 1930s. Find the perfect instrument for your needs at Dawkes. Peruse our tenor, alto, valve, bass, and plastic trombones for sale and hire

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Thanks to the piano’s versatile nature, it’s sometimes referred to as the king of instruments. Its place on jazz stages is well-deserved, whether it’s part of a big band set-up, or as part of a trio with drums and the double bass.


Jazz originated among the African American communities in 19th and 20th century New Orleans; communities that never forgot the cultural importance of the drum. When used in an ensemble, the drum kit (consisting of bass drum, snare drum, and cymbals) takes on the role of a rhythm section.

Double Bass

The big, beautiful double bass has undeniable stage presence. The size of the instrument means that players need to stand up to be able to produce its distinct sound.

Electric Guitar

Once associated almost exclusively with rock and pop, the electric guitar is an increasingly common sight in jazz bands. Whatever your jazz instrument needs, Dawkes is here to help you bring this music to life.

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