Rent a Yamaha Trombone

RENT a Yamaha Trombone for £25.00 per month

Our low cost monthly rental scheme allows you to start out on a high quality Yamaha instrument. This Yamaha Trombone is easy to play, makes a great sound and comes set-up and ready to play.

  • £25.00 per month
  • Payments by Direct Debit
  • Maintenance & Insurance INCLUDED
  • Use part of your payments against a new instrument

When will I get this item?


Your instrument comes with everything you need to get started. There is just a minimum 3-month rental commitment and you can use half of all payments after month 4 towards the cost of a new instrument. Check out the FAQ’s below for more info on the rental scheme.

Step 1

Click the green 'Start Rental' button to complete the online rental process (5-10 mins)

Step 2

Fill in the GoCardless Direct Debit Info + checkout via Dawkes Site *

Step 3

We will prepare your instrument and deliver it via courier in 1 -2 working days

Step 4

Start your musical journey!

* You will be required to provide us with 1 form of ID as part of the credit check process.


Here are some recent reviews of our rental Yamaha Trombone.

Trusted Customer
Product is amazing - no complaints here.
Trusted Customer
Brilliant - really glad I found these guys. Renting was very hassle-free, delivery was very quick5... Read all
Trusted Customer
It's the perfect way to try out a decent instrument without the costly outlay.
Trusted Customer
Instrument has clearly been looked after and will continue to be so by us!

Your Questions Answered

Q: What is Included?

A: Each rental instrument comes with a case, mouthpiece and relevant cleaning accessories/lubrication. If the instrument requires a reed, we will include a couple of student versions to get you started.

Q: How long can I rent for?

A: There is a minimum rental period of 3 months that you must commit to and pay for. The first payment is taken when you set-up the rental online, month 2 and 3 are taken by Direct Debit through our partner GoCardless. After that you can rent for as long as you like.

Q: What happens after month 3?

  1. You can carry on with your monthly payment. Half of each subsequent payment (from month 4) can be used later as credit towards an instrument purchase.
  2. You can choose to purchase a new/used instrument from Dawkes and simply return your rental instrument.
  3. You can cancel and return your rental (please see 'How do I return/cancel a rental' question below)

Q: Will I own the rental instrument?

A: No. The rental instrument is just that, a rental. It will always be returned to us; you are not paying it off monthly as that would be a hire purchase agreement. If you did want to simply spread the cost of a new instrument, we do offer 12 months interest-free finance options instead.

Q: Why can’t I buy the rental instrument?

A: As mentioned above, if we were to sell you the rental instrument it would be a hire purchase agreement. You can do this via our 12-month interest-free payment option at the outset if that’s what you would suit you better. However, the rental program is designed to help you get started for a low monthly cost and to aid your progression. For example, if you rent for 12-18 months, you may actually want to buy a different model from the instrument you started with. We don’t believe in locking you into a purchase from the outset of something that would be 12-18 months old at that point and may not be relevant to the player at that stage. Our rental program offers flexibility for you to use your accrued credit towards the right instrument for you, at the right time. Rental instruments go on to be re-rented sometimes and this is what allows us to offer high quality Yamaha products for a low monthly cost.

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Q: Can I use my payments to offset a future purchase?

A: Yes, absolutely. Half of all the payments you make from month 4 onwards can be used towards the cost of any new or used instrument that Dawkes Music sell.

Q: Will my rental instrument be brand new?

A: This depends on our stock at the time of your order. Some rental instruments are brand new; others may have been previously rented (up to 12-18 months) but are fully checked, serviced and sanitised in our workshop prior to dispatch.

Q: What happens if something goes wrong with the instrument?

A: Maintenance and insurance is covered by your monthly payment. If there is a routine maintenance issue (which can happen on mechanical instruments) then there are two options: 1) If you are able to visit our Maidenhead store, we can resolve the issue in our workshop whilst you wait. 2) If you are not able to visit the Maidenhead store, we can arrange a courier to collect the instrument from you, we would then resolve the issue and return it to you via courier. This process takes 3-4 working days and is often quicker than dealing with a local store who have to send it to an off-site technician. We have 7 full-time repairers who can take care of any issues very quickly and professionally ensuring you get your instrument back ASAP.

Q: How do I return/cancel a rental?

A: You can cancel your rental contract at any time after the initial 3-month period. You can either 1) Bring the instrument into our Maidenhead branch and we will cancel the contract whilst you wait, or 2) You can use a courier or the Royal Mail Home Collection service to return it remotely. We then cancel the agreement upon receipt of the instrument. Please visit our How to Return a Rental Instrument page for more details.

Q: Why should I choose Dawkes Music for my rental/hire?

  1. We offer high quality Yamaha instruments on our rental program. This means the player gets the best possible start with an instrument that is easy to play, reliable and highly recommended by teachers.
  2. Our flexible rental program allows you to pay a low monthly amount, yet still save money towards a future purchase at a later date.
  3. All our rental instruments are fully checked, set-up and sanitised in our workshop prior to dispatch. This ensures the instrument you receive will be playing straight out of the box.
  4. We have thousands of active customer rentals, so you are joining a large community of music-makers across the UK.
  5. Our payments are taken by Direct Debit (via GoCardless) so you have a safe guarantee that your payments are secure.

Need Help with this item?

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