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Since the early 1800s, the mellow, melodic sounds of the cornet have been heard in a variety of settings. Often compared to the trumpet, the cornet continues to be a popular instrument in brass bands, concert bands, fanfare orchestras and old-style jazz ensembles. When it comes to purchasing one of your own, you will find that there are several options available. The friendly staff at Dawkes Music can help you find the instrument that is right for you, and we can offer maintenance advice, playing tips, and other helpful hints.

A brief history

It seems unlikely when you look at the posthorn, but the instrument that became a recognisable symbol of the postal service in many places was the ancestor of the cornet. Sometime during the 1820s, instrument makers in France modified posthorns by adding rotary valves to them. Nowadays, modern cornets are distinguished by their compact shape, their conical bores that begin at the mouthpiece and end at the bell, and their mellower sound. You can find a selection of top-quality cornets at Dawkes music store.

A selection of cornets

The popularity of the cornet in brass band, jazz and blues and military music is precisely why we stock a variety of cornets. The Bb cornet is the instrument played most commonly, which makes it the best one for beginners.

Although the Bb cornet has the same pitch range as the trumpet, the cornet is the favoured instrument in most, if not all, British brass bands. Most brass bands in Britain use several Bb cornets and one Eb cornet as the leading melodic instruments, whereas trumpets are not used at all. In concert and military bands, the Bb cornet is used as the highest of the brass instruments, and often has separate parts written for it, giving it a chance to shine. The characteristic sound of brass bands is largely due to the cornet. The Bb cornet also featured in jazz and blues, although its role has been more or less taken over by the trumpet. One of the most notable jazz musicians to play the cornet was Buddy Bolden. Another jazz pioneer who played this instrument was Louis Armstrong, although he later switched to playing the trumpet. The Duke Ellington Orchestra’s earlier sound was also enriched by the mellow sounds of the cornet.

The instrument has an important role to play in symphony orchestras, where its sound unites the trumpets and the horns. Nowhere is this heard more gloriously than in the works of Hector Berlioz. One of his most notable compositions to feature a countermelody written for a solo instrument is the second movement of the Symphonie Fantastique (1830). Other composers who used cornets effectively include Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Edward Elgar and Igor Stravinsky.

The Eb cornet, which is another of the instruments you can find at Dawkes music store, is a soprano cornet. Its higher pitch means it is usually found in the hands of advanced players. We also keep stock of C cornets.

We carry a wide range of Bb cornets and smaller ranges of Eb and C cornets. You can find instruments from reputable brands such as Bach Stradavarius, Besson, Getzen, Jupiter, Windcraft and Yamaha. Browse our collection to find instruments perfectly suited to beginners, intermediate students and advanced players. At Dawkes, we understand that purchasing a brand-new instrument isn’t always possible, so we also give you the option of second-hand instruments. Lovingly looked after by their previous owners, they offer you many happy hours of making music for an affordable price.

Cornet Advice

At Dawkes, we take music seriously, and we want you to make the most of your instrument. We offer advice you can trust to help you do that. Our knowledgeable staff are happy to assist you in store or via one of our contact methods, and you can find a wealth of information in the articles on our website and our blog. You can get playing tips from the likes of Georgina Jackson, discover maintenance essentials, and learn about some of the instruments in store, such as the Getzen Eterna Deluxe cornet.

Cornet Rental

If you’re interested in playing the cornet but are unsure if it is the right instrument for you, our cornet rental scheme is the perfect option. With it, you get one of the best instruments for beginners, namely the Yamaha YCR-2330 Bb cornet. What’s more, a carry case, mouthpiece, valve oil and cleaning cloth are included in the rental fee too.

Along with all this, you can find everything you need to keep your cornet in good condition. Cleaning brushes, cleaning spray, slide grease, polishing cloths, cleaning rods and lacquer polish and cloths are just some of the maintenance supplies we stock. If you are in need of spare parts for your cornet, look no further than Dawkes music shop. We stock a range of parts from a range of manufacturers. If what you are looking for is not in stock, we can order it for you. Recognised not only in the UK but around the world as leaders in what we do, Dawkes can meet all your cornet needs. Our expert staff are available to assist with products, education and information, performance, repairs and maintenance.

The different types of Cornets

We stock several different kinds of Cornets on Dawkes, at a range of different prices. The Cornet family is made up of several different variations, and we stock a wide range of choices. These are:

As you'll see, we have lots of different brands and varying budgets available at Dawkes - meaning you can find the perfect Cornet for you and ensure you pick the perfect instrument. You might already know which types of Cornet you're looking for, or perhaps you're looking to try a different kind of Cornet and would like some guidance on which to purchase. We know at Dawkes how crucial it is to be paired to the right instrument, and that's why our helpful and knowledgeable musical experts are on hand to help. If you have any questions at all about choosing the right Cornet, then just get in touch and let us know - we're always happy to help!

When purchasing a Cornet, you'll want to stock up on the relevant accessories too. Here at Dawkes we ensure we have a wide range of accessories in stock for you to browse and purchase. With the largest square footage of display in the UK we hold our unique stock of cornet spare parts, Cornet accessories and repair materials for the brass and woodwind retail and wholesale market.