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Find Top-Quality Swing Music Instruments In The UK

If any form of jazz is going to get people doing the jitterbug or the boogie-woogie, it's going to be swing. Played with some of the same instruments that you'd find in typical jazz ensembles, and big bands – and if it's instruments you want, you'll find the best in the UK here at Dawkes. Since 1966, our family-owned business has specialised in brass and woodwind instruments, among which are top-quality swing music instruments. Let's see what you'll find in a band that plays the swingin', oh-so-danceable music that developed during the era illumined by the likes of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, and other greats.

The Brass Section

Swing bands usually have a brass section that consists of trumpets and trombones.



What would swing be without the sound and energy of the trumpet? Louis Armstrong, Tommy Dorsey, and Harry James were a few of the era's most legendary trumpeters. Find your Bb, Eb, C, or piccolo trumpet at Dawkes, and you could follow in their footsteps. We stock leading makes such as Getzen, Jupiter, Yamaha, and others. You'll find new instruments for less than £300.

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Trombones add a glorious sound and a bit of theatre to Dixieland jazz and swing bands. Whether you want to purchase or hire a trombone, you'll find what you're looking for in our online or physical store. Our range includes alto, bass, tenor, plastic, and valve trombones from Bach, Besson, C.G. Conn, Jupiter, Yamaha, and other quality brands, with the most affordable instruments starting at approximately £200.

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The Wind Section

The wind section of many swing bands includes saxophones and clarinets.



The marvellous melodies played by bands are enhanced by the emotive sounds of the saxophone. At Dawkes, we offer alto, baritone, sopranino, soprano, and tenor saxophones. New instrument prices start at £500, but you also have the option of hiring a sax for approximately £30 per month.

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Benny Goodman was the clarinet player who became known as the King of Swing, and his innovative approach to the instrument gave listeners a new appreciation of it. You'll find Bb, Eb, A, alto, bass, and special clarinets here at the UK's biggest and best store for swing music instruments.

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The Rhythm Section

The swing band's rhythm section includes a piano or keyboard, a double bass, and drums. Sometimes these traditional sections will be complemented by string instruments such as guitar or violin. Please get in touch with our friendly staff if you need advice or help choosing an instrument, or you want to learn more about swing music instrument care and maintenance. We're willing and able to help you find your perfect instrument.

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