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Plastic Flutes

When you're looking to purchase a flute (whether it's for you, or your children), for many people the initial idea they have in their head is to purchase a metal flute. The silver, metal flute is the most commonly recognised version of the instrument, so it's understandable why people assume this is the 'starting' version for beginners, and why many people choose to purchase the traditional metal flute as their first instrument. Actually though, there are alternative options for students and beginners, such as the plastic flute. At Dawkes we stock a range of plastic flutes, varying in price and design, which are extremely popular with children and adults alike.

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Nuvo TooT in White with Pink Trim - Latest Model with Silicone Keys

Nuvo TooT in White with Pink Trim - Latest Model with Silicone Keys


The plastic flute makes a wonderful instrument for a beginner or someone new to the instrument - it's especially useful (and affordable) if you're planning to try the instrument out before committing completely. Lots of children when learning music try a few different instruments before settling on one they're happy with. You get the a very similar sound from a plastic flute, and it's (more or less) the same size and shape. The fingerings are the same too - so nothing new will need to be learnt when (and if) you decide to swap to the traditional metal flute later down the line. Believe it or not, the plastic version of the instrument has a few advantages over its traditional metal counterpart. Plastic flutes are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons:

Plastic flutes are more affordable, so if you're buying for a child who could change their mind down the road (after all, lots of children like to experiment with instruments and hobbies) then a plastic flute may be a better, and cheaper, initial purchase.

1. Plastic flutes are lighter than metal flutes, so for younger players, they're less tiring to play and practise.

2. Plastic flutes can be easier to upkeep and maintain than metal flutes.

3. Plastic flutes can be bought in different designs and colours - which makes them a great choice for children and young players. The bright colours might be more exciting and interesting for them.

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