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The Euphonium is a key member of the brass instrument family. It is a medium sized instrument, closely compared to the baritone horn and tuba. In fact, the Euphonium is extremely similar to a baritone horn - however in the tradition of the brass band, the Baritone is part of the Saxhorn family, and the Euphonium is part of the Tuba family. Most sources agree that the Euphonium was invented sometime in the renaissance, but no exact date is known. Like other brass instruments, the Euphonium is a valve instrument, and almost all modern Euphonium models have piston valves, though there are some rarer models with rotary valves still in play. It's also worth noting that the Euphonium is a non-transposing instrument. In the traditional British brass band, the Euphonium is generally classed as a treble-clef instrument, however across the pond, the Euphonium parts can be written in either treble clef or bass clef, or both. This makes the Euphonium an interesting and versatile instrument.

How is the Euphonium played?

The Euphonium is very similar in appearance to other brass instruments, and it is also played in the same way, by placing the lips against the mouthpiece and creating a buzzing. This pushes air through the mouthpiece and creates the iconic Euphonium sound. Professional models of the Euphonium have three valves, that can be moved to create the different notes and tones. The Euphonium's range starts in bass clef ranging from B♭1 below the bass clef to B♭4 above the bass clef.

The Euphonium in music and bands

You’re most likely to find Euphoniums in the brass band (or military bands). Historically, the Euphonium is almost exclusive to brass band music, as opposed to orchestral music or jazz music. But there are rare occasions where the Euphonium is used outside of the brass band, where it crosses into other music genres.

Euphonium Rental

Our Instrument Rental Scheme is perfect if you're not sure that you wish to purchase an instrument just yet. For example, you may have a young beginner and you want to see how they progress or you may be an adult adding another instrument to your collection. Our 'Start Right' rental scheme is flexible, affordable and you can use some of the money spent on the rental towards the cost of a new instrument.

If you’re looking to purchase a Euphonium, or you’re looking to start your journey into music by playing the Euphonium, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner our musical experts will be able to assist you with your questions and queries. We keep a range of Euphoniums in stock from beginner to professional level.