Trumpet Care

The instrument you have bought is of value and will need looking after. Here are a few simple steps on how this should be approached.

Daily or Each Time You Play

1. Clean the outside of your instrument with either a Lacquer Cloth (ACM254), or a Silver Cloth if you have a silver plated instrument (ACM502). This should be carried out every time you have finished playing.


1. Clean and oil the valves - wipe them dry with a lint free cloth (OA0169) before applying fresh oil.

2. Use a sterilising spray such as Sterisol (ALU050) and a mouthpiece brush (ACM291) to clean your mouthpiece.

Every 2-3 Months

1. Remove the valves, top caps, bottom caps, slides and set all aside. Flush out the body with lukewarm water in a shower/bath/sink and use a flexible brush (ACM402) with a tiny bit of washing up liquid. Do not use hot or boiling water as this may damage the finish. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

2. Clean inside the valve casings using a valve casing brush (ACM400) and a little washing up liquid, then leave the instrument to dry thoroughly. Screw the bottom caps back on with a little grease (ALU012) to stop them sticking. Wipe down the valves with a lint-free cloth then add two or three drops of new oil being careful not to over oil. Replace the valves in the corresponding casings. If in any doubt please contact us for advice.

18 Months - 24 Months

To ensure correct performance and a long life for your Trumpet, it is recommended that you have it checked by a professional repairer after 18-24 months.

Trumpet Care