How to Sell Your Woodwind or Brass Instrument

If you’re looking to sell a quality used Woodwind & Brass instrument we may be able to help. We offer three main ways to sell your instrument via Dawkes:

  1. Commission Sale
  2. Part-Exchange
  3. Buy-In

In this blog we’re primarily giving information about our Commission Sale process which is our main option. However, we do also offer part-exchange and straight buy-ins occasionally if it’s a very popular model (and depending on our stock). Part-exchange values are given in-store so we would recommend booking a visit to see us and try out new gear to trade your instrument against.


NEW: Altus Flute Range A9-A12 Models

The new Altus Flute range continues on the legacy of excellence created by the Japanese company. In this blog we discuss some of the new features of these stunning professional flutes.

altus flutes

NEW: Expanded Dawkes Store!

We’re delighted to have recently opened our newly expanded music store & venue. Based at our home in Reform Road, Maidenhead the overall Dawkes store size has now tripled.

Our improved space includes lots of amazing new rooms & features for musicians of all ages and experiences. Check out all the info below along with a quick video from our first launch event…


NEW STOCK: Open Hole Flute Pads

We’re delighted to now offer a full range of open hole flute pads to our customers. This means no more punching holes into standard pads, you can simply buy the size and pad type you need in the open hole configuration. Check out the video and text below which explains the different models we are stocking in 17mm-18.5mm sizes.


NEW STOCK: Music Medic Tan Saxophone Pads

We’re delighted to add some more Saxophone Pad options to our stock. The Music Medic Tan Saxophone pads are a high-quality option for any repairer/player seeking new pads. We’re stocking various models which are explained in the video & information below…


Clarinet Bore Oil Information

In this blog (with demonstration video) we discuss the how and why of oiling the internal bore of a wooden musical instrument. In this example we’re demonstrating using a Bb Clarinet, but the same technique and reasoning applies to any wooden bodied instrument.


Dawkes Music Reviews: Platinum Service Award (2024)

We’re delighted to have been awarded the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award based on Dawkes Music reviews in 2023! This independent award is the ultimate accolade for customer service. It recognises brands that consistently deliver exceptional customer service.


Yamaha 82Z Saxophones – Celebrating 20+ Years!

This blog, with accompanying videos, is here to celebrate 20+ years of the Yamaha 82Z range of Saxophones. This model launched Yamaha firmly into the pro Saxophone market in all areas of the world, and gave modern players an exciting and credible alternative to vintage Saxophones. Find out more about the Yamaha 82Z history and the current range below…


Brass Instruments: Lubrication Advice

Join Sunniva from the Dawkes Workshop as she walks through our suggested lubrication and maintenance tips for piston and rotary brass instruments. These recommendations are based on thousands of brass instrument repairs and access to a wide variety of lubricant solutions. The accompanying video demonstrates how to apply each lubricant and discusses why we recommend it.


Most Useful Clarinet Accessories: Swabs & Pullthroughs

In this upcoming series of articles we’re going to be looking at some of the most useful clarinet accessories. This will include swabs, cleaning materials, slings, supports, stands, mouthpiece patches, ligatures and more! Let’s first take a look at the most important accessory to use every time you finish playing; the cleaning swab/pullthrough.


Top 5 Tips: How To Test Saxophones

In this video we sat down with professional player & teacher Alastair Penman to discuss how to test Saxophones. This advice applies to any Saxophone including Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Baritone, and also new or pre-owned models. The guidance here is aimed at players upgrading from a student model, or indeed someone seeking out a professional model for long-term use.