Saxophone Care

The instrument you have bought is of value and will need looking after. Here are a few simple steps on how this should be approached.

Daily or Each Time You Play

1. When you have finished playing, the first thing to do is clean the inside of your Saxophone using the pullthrough supplied with the instrument. If you require a pullthrough we recommend the Windcraft Handkerchief Swab (ACM153). The most effective way to use the pullthrough is to first take off the mouthpiece & neck, then insert the pullthrough into the bell of the Saxophone with the weight first. Then, turn the instrument carefully upside down. The weighted cord will come out of the top end of the instrument and you can pull it through accordingly.

2. Use a separate swab to clean and dry the neck. We recommend either the Windcraft Neck Swab (ACM158) or the BG Swab (AA31).

3. Clean the outside of your Sax with either a Lacquer Cloth (ACM254), or a Silver Cloth if you have a silver plated instrument (ACM502). This should be carried out every time you have finished playing.

4. Dry your mouthpiece and reed. Consider using the BG mouthpiece swab (AA31) to dry inside the mouthpiece. Regular use of a sterilising spray is also recommended. The Sterisol Spray (ALU050) or Windcraft Steri-Spray (ALU055) both do a great job.

18 Months - 24 Months

To ensure correct performance and a long life for your Saxophone, it is recommended that you have it checked by a professional repairer after 18-24 months.

Saxophone Care