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Bb Trumpets

If you're looking to purchase a new Bb trumpet, we have a wide range available for sale at Dawkes. We offer a wide variety of budgets and brands, to ensure you can find the ideal instrument for you. So if you're looking for a Bb trumpet for sale - look no further. The Bb trumpet is one of the most well known and well recognised instruments across the globe, and if you're picturing a trumpet in your mind, it's likely the trumpet in Bb that you're imagining. This instrument has featured in many iconic pieces of music, and offers a diverse spectrum of musical opportunities. Fun fact! Historians actually think the trumpet (generally speaking) may be one of the oldest instruments to exist.

Professional (45)
Intermediate (11)
Student (5)
Silver Plated (34)
Lacquer (30)
£2500 - £5000 (29)
£1500 - £2500 (21)
£1000 - £1500 (7)
£400 - £500 (3)
£500 - £1000 (3)
£300 - £400 (1)
£100 - £200 (1)
Yamaha (24)
Getzen (18)
Bach (17)
B&S (3)
Jupiter (1)
Windcraft (1)
XO Brass (1)
Sale (1)
Getzen 490S - Bb Trumpet

Getzen 490S - Bb Trumpet

Now £1,240.00
Bach Stradivarius LR190S43B Silver Plate

Bach Stradivarius LR190S43B Silver Plate

Was £2,895.00, Now £2,795.00

The sound of the Bb trumpet is instantly recognisable, and you'll find them being used across a variety of music, from blues and jazz bands, to classical and military orchestras. Because the trumpet is so diverse, it remains an extremely popular instrument in music schools across the country, and for beginners, intermediates and experts alike. One of the fantastic things about the brass family, especially the trumpet, is how players can try their hand at different kinds of instrument, and cross their skills across different instruments too, and many Bb trumpet players like to try their hand at playing the many different variations of the instrument too.

There are many different trumpets in the trumpet family, such as:

  • Bb Trumpet
  • Plastic Trumpet
  • Trumpet in Eb
  • Trumpet in C
  • Piccolo Trumpet
What makes the Bb trumpet so well loved?

As well as their flexibility, and ability to play lots of different musical styles - the Bb trumpet is also a compact but impactful instrument. The loud sounds it is capable of producing often carry extremely well across large distances, and across large crowds - making them ideal for gatherings, parades and shows. Here at Dawkes we offer a wide range of trumpets, but also a wide range of prices and brands too. Some of the trumpet brands we stock are:

  • Getzen
  • Yamaha
  • Jupiter
  • Bach Stradivarius
  • Windcraft

Many people are extremely loyal to the instrument maker of their choice, and because of this, we try and stock a variety of trumpets from each brand, to ensure you can find the perfect match. We know that choosing an instrument is an extremely personal thing, and you'll want the fit to be just right - so we're always on hand to assist with anything where possible. Just drop us a message if you'd like to talk more about buying a trumpet.