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Used Saxophone

Each used Saxophone we sell is thoroughly checked over and set-up in our workshop prior to sale. This ensures you will receive the instrument in excellent mechanical order and with our 6-month workshop warranty. We assess and check each Saxophone carefully before even taking it into our second hand instrument stock. We select models from respected brands and that we know our workshop team can support throughout the next life of the instrument.

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Coming Soon - Enquire Now

The instruments listed below are currently awaiting their full set-up and check in our workshops prior to sale. If you would like to be first in the queue for access to any of these models, please click the ‘Enquire’ button and complete the contact form.

Trevor James Alpha - Alto Saxophone (T3755) STJA-T3555 £325.00 Enquire
TJ Alpha Saxophone (T2631) STJA-T2631 £395.00 Enquire
Trevor James Alpha - Alto Sax (T4777) STJA-T4777 £395.00 Enquire
Windcraft WTS-100 - Tenor Saxophone (505047) SWTS-505047 £445.00 Enquire
Jupiter 567 - Alto Sax (TF55027) SJAS-TF55027 £455.00 Enquire
Yamaha YAS-E1 - Alto Sax (J93138) SYAS-J93138 £495.00 Enquire
Windcraft WTS-100 - Tenor Sax (505164) SWTS-505164 £495.00 Enquire
Yamaha YAS-275 - Alto Sax (J06733) EXYAS-J06733 £495.00 Enquire
Windcraft WTS-100 - Tenor Sax SW-502351 £495.00 Enquire
Yamaha YAS-275 - Alto Sax (295842) EXYAS-295842 £495.00 Enquire
Curved Elkhart Deluxe - Soprano Sax (8229) EXELK-8229 £525.00 Enquire
Yamaha YAS-275 - Alto Sax (296497) SYAS-296497 £525.00 Enquire
Yamaha YAS-280 - Alto Sax (Q83731) EXYAS-Q83731 £600.00 Enquire
Yamaha YAS-280 - Alto Sax (Q82959) SYAS-Q82959 £600.00 Enquire
Windcraft WSS-210C - Curved Soprano Saxophone (TYS100003) SWSS-TYS100003 £645.00 Enquire
Yamaha YTS-275 - Tenor Sax (015457) SYTS-015457 £795.00 Enquire
Yamaha YTS-275 - Tenor Sax (143454) SYTS-143454 £795.00 Enquire
Conn-Selmer Premiere - Tenor Sax (40421991) SCSPREM-40421991 £1295.00 Enquire
Conn-Selmer PTS-380V - Tenor Saxophone (90326416) CCS-90326416 £1545.00 Enquire
Jupiter JBS-593 - Baritone Saxophone (D30570) SJBS-D30570 £1595.00 Enquire
Cannonball T5 - Tenor Saxophone (117581) SCT5-117581 £1645.00 Enquire
Selmer Seles Axos - Alto Saxophone (N.813528) SSEL-813528 £1845.00 Enquire
Eastman 52nd Street - Alto Sax (11535693) CEAS-11535693 £1905.00 Enquire
Cannonball AVR-L - Alto Sax (V181026) SCAS-V181026 £1995.00 Enquire
Conn 12M "Crossbar" - Baritone Saxophone (M99478V) SCXB-M99478V £2095.00 Enquire
King Super 20 - Alto Sax (500275) CKAS-500275 £2495.00 Enquire
Trevor James Signature Series - Baritone Sax (2002311) CTJB-2002311 £2895.00 Enquire
Selmer Mark VII - Tenor Saxophone (M.279358) CSELMK7-M.279358 £2995.00 Enquire
Selmer SA80 - Tenor Sax (N.343309) CSA80-N.343309 £2995.00 Enquire
Selmer SA80 Series II - Tenor Sax (N.677051) CSTS-N.677051 £3495.00 Enquire
Keilwerth SX90 - Baritone Sax (118486) CKB-118486 £4595.00 Enquire
Selmer Mk VI - Alto Saxophone (M.82300) CSMKVI-M.82300 £5295.00 Enquire
Selmer MkVI - Tenor Saxophone (M.213209) CSMKVI-M.213209 £5495.00 Enquire

How to Buy

We offer various ways of obtaining a quality pre-owned Saxophone:

Order Online: All of our used Saxophones are listed here on the website, and the stock levels are live. They can be ordered via the site and you can try it at home for 14 days to make sure you’re happy. If not, we can arrange a collection and refund you 100% of the instrument cost, no questions asked.

Visit In Store You can use our bookings system to pre-arrange a time & testing space to try out any instrument in store. You will have the time and space to test and compare the Saxophone to your own or any others we stock. Our team will also be on hand to assist.

How to choose

We know it can seem overwhelming with a range of various makes and models on the market, but this is our speciality. We’ve been helping customers select the right instrument since 1966 and our award-winning team are on hand to guide you through the process from trying to buying. We can discuss your current set-up and advise on the best options for you.

Value vs New

We’re often asked about the value of second hand Saxophones and how much they cost compared to new models. It does vary depending on the make, model, rarity, condition and more. We monitor the market prices and keep our prices competitive whilst offering huge amounts of support and reassurance with our pre-sale and after-sale service.

Is it safe to buy second hand?

Absolutely, if you are buying from a specialist Wind & Brass retailer who offer the correct amount of support. Our pre-sale instrument checks and servicing ensures you can buy a second hand Saxophone in safety and confidence. Instruments are complicated pieces of equipment so buying ‘blind’ is not something we would recommend. Deal with a specialist supplier to ensure what you’re buying has been correctly assessed and prepared before sale.