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Flute Care

Flute Care and Maintenance Sheet
Daily - or every time you play
  • 1. Be careful when putting your instrument together not to press on the lower touchpieces or the projecting keywork as they are liable to bend.
  • 2. When you have finished playing, carefully take your instrument apart ready for cleaning. Attach a Cotton or Chamois style cleaner to the end of the cleaning rod supplied with your instrument and pull it through the main body, headjoint and footjoint. If you find that using the rod is difficult, mop style cleaners are available.
  • 3. Clean the outside of your instrument with a silver cloth or lacquer cloth

After playing, clean your instrument as described in points 1 & 2 above and then, instead of cleaning with a duster, polish the outside of your instrument with a silver cloth. to maintain a bright new appearance. If you find your thumb or fingers tend to slip on the flute body while you are playing, special self adhesive non-slip rubber patches are available.

  • 1. Clean your headjoint at least on a weekly basis (not with hot water).
  • 2. Never share other players' headjoints.
  • 3. The use of Sterisol when cleaning would be advisable.
18 Months - 2 Years

To ensure correct performance and a long life for your Flute it is recommended that you have it serviced by a qualified repairer
after 18 months to 2 years of playing.

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