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Wooden Instrument Care

The instrument you have bought is of value and will need looking after. Here are a few simple steps on how this should be approached with particular attention to the wood.

Daily or Each Time You Play

The tree that your new wooden instrument is made from grows in Africa and sees rainfall perhaps every two to four years. It is extremely hard dense wood that is dyed black by the manufacturer so that uniformity is given to its natural dirty brown colour.

It is important that you dry your instrument out with a swab during and after periods of practice or performance. Pay particular attention to the end grain inside the barrel receivers (on Clarinet). Do not leave the instrument wet for long periods or standing on a peg, ready for the next days practice - keep it in its case where it will be guarded from marked changes in temperature and humidity brought about by central heating.

Oiling the Bore

The bore should be oiled twice weekly for the first couple of months. Soak an old swab in the oil, remove all excess oil from the swab using paper kitchen towel, then pull the swab through the instrument until a thin smear can be seen when looking down the bore. The purpose of this procedure is not to oil the wood but to prevent excessive absorption of moisture.

Our recommended oil is Professor Weinberg's Hydrophilic bore oil (ALU007) made from pure flower oils that are imported from China and India, this oil not only allows the wood to breath, but also moisturises its fibres. As a result, cracking and warping are inhibited and the sonority of the instrument is improved. The final recipe is the result of two years research and has been tested by both leading manufacturers and teachers of repute. Hydrophilic flower oil allows moisture to pass through it while delivering its moisturising payload via liposomes that are natural to the oil.

Wooden Instrument Care