NEW: Expanded Dawkes Store!

30th April 2024

We’re delighted to have recently opened our newly expanded music store & venue. Based at our home in Reform Road, Maidenhead the overall Dawkes store size has now tripled.

Our improved space includes lots of amazing new rooms & features for musicians of all ages and experiences. Check out all the info below along with a quick video from our first launch event…


Dawkes Music Reviews: Platinum Service Award (2024)

29th January 2024

We’re delighted to have been awarded the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award based on Dawkes Music reviews in 2023! This independent award is the ultimate accolade for customer service. It recognises brands that consistently deliver exceptional customer service.


Brass Instruments: Lubrication Advice

6th December 2023

Join Sunniva from the Dawkes Workshop as she walks through our suggested lubrication and maintenance tips for piston and rotary brass instruments. These recommendations are based on thousands of brass instrument repairs and access to a wide variety of lubricant solutions. The accompanying video demonstrates how to apply each lubricant and discusses why we recommend it.


Getting Started on Woodwind & Brass Instruments

31st August 2023

Here at Dawkes Music we offer various options for obtaining quality Woodwind & Brass musical instruments. If it’s for a child starting a new school year or for an adult wanting to try something new. We’ve got low-cost options for everyone! 

Let’s look at the 3 main choices, with video explanations…


Which Clarinet is Best for a Beginner?

29th August 2023

Whether choosing one for your child or picking up the instrument for the first time yourself, it’s never easy knowing which clarinet is best for a beginner. There are so many options and a lot of jargon to wade through, making it near impossible to figure it out without a little help. That’s exactly why we’ve put together this guide looking at beginner clarinets.

beginner clarinet

How to Sell Your Woodwind or Brass Instrument

15th May 2023

If you’re looking to sell a quality used Woodwind & Brass instrument we may be able to help. We offer three main ways to sell your instrument via Dawkes:

  1. Commission Sale
  2. Part-Exchange
  3. Buy-In

In this blog we’re primarily giving information about our Commission Sale process which is our main option. However, we do also offer part-exchange and straight buy-ins occasionally if it’s a very popular model (and depending on our stock). Part-exchange values are given in-store so we would recommend booking a visit to see us and try out new gear to trade your instrument against.


Careers in Music – Instrument Repair Technician

13th April 2023

This is the first in our new series of blogs profiling various careers in the Music Industry. First up we are joined by our own Sunniva Hellerud who is a specialist Woodwind & Brass Repair Technician here at Dawkes Music.

Sunniva’s story is inspirational for anyone who wants to explore a career in the exciting line of musical instrument making and repairs.


Clarinet Mouthpieces: How to Test

10th August 2022

We asked leading UK professional player Nick Carpenter for his top tips on choosing the correct clarinet mouthpiece for you. Dawkes offer a wide range of clarinet mouthpieces, these tips will help you when testing between different models.


Heatwave Advice for Woodwind Players & Instruments

7th July 2022

Over the next few days we could be in for temperatures exceeding 30 degrees! This kind of environmental change affects our bodies, and the same goes for your woodwind instrument. Here are some ‘hot tips’ from the Dawkes Workshop to help your woodwind instrument keep its cool in hot weather.


Dawkes Music Reviews: Trusted Service Award Winners (2022)

11th April 2022

We’re delighted to have won the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service award for 2022. This is an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences. The Feefo Review platform shares independently verified feedback from real customers.


Army Musicians: A Unique Career Path

7th February 2022

Fancy an exciting life as an Army Musician? This unique career option is well worth exploring if you want to experience the thrills and spills of a professional musical life. Here’s Saxophonist Paul Lamstaes of the Household Cavalry Band to tell us all about his journey into the Royal Corps of Army Music…

Joining the British Army as a musician doesn’t always seem like the most obvious choice of career when mentioned in conversation. What if I also said that you can play music whilst riding a horse? Most people would probably need to see it to believe it. It is however a legitimate career path individuals can take, should they choose to join British Army Music.


Which is the best brand musical instrument?

25th August 2021

Here at Dawkes we offer a range of Woodwind & Brass instruments from top brands such as Yamaha, Buffet, Selmer, Bach, Getzen and more. We’re often asked by customers which is the ‘best’ brand to buy. In this blog we’re going to take a look at some of the main brands and how to consider their relative merits…


Top Tips: Testing a Clarinet Mouthpiece

16th August 2021

Here at Dawkes we often assist players when choosing a new Clarinet mouthpiece to help improve their sound and response. Whenever testing it’s important to follow some simple steps to make sure you’re really testing the mouthpiece fairly and to ensure you make the right choice.

In this short video and blog we give you our Top 5 tips for testing Clarinet mouthpieces…


New from British Army Music: FREE GCSE Music resources

The fantastic musicians at the British Army have developed a set of new resources for GCSE music pupils, some of which focus on Woodwind & Brass instruments. Currently the Clarinet and Trumpet modules are available via this link.

Check out all the information below explaining why and how these resources have been created…


New Look Repair Dept, Shop & Testing Rooms

2nd March 2021

Although we’ve been kept very busy here at Dawkes Music during the 2020-2021 lockdowns we wanted to make some changes to our in-store environment. We’ve been in this building since August 2000, and we wanted to draw on some of our inspirations from 1966 when we originally began as just a small repair workshop in a shed back in Uxbridge…


Top Tips for Choosing a New Saxophone Mouthpiece

16th February 2021

Upgrading your Saxophone mouthpiece can help you produce a variety of tones and achieve the sound you want. There are a wide range of models available and it can be overwhelming. Of course our team are here to help and in this blog & video top UK player Justin Swadling give his TOP 3 TIPS for testing Sax Mouthpieces…


Discovering Music Theory – ABRSM Workbooks

11th February 2021

ABRSM Discovering Music Theory’s new suite of workbook with corresponding answer books offers fantastic preparation for ABRSM Music Theory exams from 2020. 

These colourful workbooks (available in Grades 1-5) prepare students of all ages with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for a ABRSM Music Theory exam. Written to make theory fun, engaging and relevant! 


Making pInstruments Carbon Neutral

17th December 2020

In this latest blog focusing on sustainability within the music industry, we check out the pInstrument range which has recently been awarded official Carbon Neutral Product status…


Do You Hear Me? – New EP

11th December 2020

We always love to support our musical ‘family’ which includes all our staff, customers and the professionals we work with. Alastair Penman (who you may recognise from some of our YouTube videos) has been a long-standing friend of ours, from being a teenage customer to now being a highly respected professional musician and Professor of Saxophone at Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London.

In this blog we’re going to take a look at his new EP ‘Do You Hear Me?’ which pulls into focus the huge issues surrounding climate change…


Sustainable Production Methods

9th December 2020

Do you know where the wood for your Clarinet came from? What do you know about the methods used to obtain or produce it? Have you considered the full lifecycle of your musical instrument (of any type) from raw materials to your hands? Many of us probably don’t give enough thought to these questions. Here at Dawkes we’re determined to bring you more information about the sustainability of products, and learn more from our suppliers about the responsible actions they take in production.

We’ve been lucky enough to visit factories and manufacturers around the world and can say that all things are not equal. From the way raw materials are procured to the conditions that are present in the factories. This can be to do with workers, materials and disposal of waste. Running a responsible operation comes at a financial cost and sometimes if instruments are extremely cheap, it’s worth considering why.

In this first blog we check out Yamaha’s commitment to a more sustainable future and methods of production…


Mail Order: 14 Day Home Trial

2nd November 2020

As fellow musicians we understand that sometimes it’s important to compare similar items back-to-back and/or just get a few days to make sure something is right for you. Our 14 Day Home Trial option is there to help you find the right item and test it in an environment you’re comfortable in. Here’s how it works…


New Study: Learning an instrument can help children with creativity & memory

19th October 2020

A new study shows young musicians who play an instrument and practise frequently have increased memory and attention skills. The findings come from a recent study, which showed how musically-trained children performed better at attention and memory recall exercises. They also had greater activation in brain regions related to attention control and auditory encoding.

Whilst many of us are fully aware anecdotally that learning music can bring such benefits, it’s reassuring to see regular new studies that back that up with scientific method.


Saxophone Playing | Low Notes!

4th July 2020

We’ve all been there, a quick look at the music and “oh great, the composer has written a phrase starting on low Bb with a dynamic of pp, what joy!” or words to that affect! We know getting low notes to speak easily and clearly on the Sax can be a bit of a challenge so we tasked Alastair Penman with creating this video/blog to help…


Breathing Control for Clarinet & Sax

8th June 2020

It seems obvious, right? We all play Wind Instruments, and thus the importance of breath and airflow cannot be underestimated. But, it’s a common issue that comes up with players in-store and from Teachers…We all need to blow MORE!

Check out two videos from our pro-playing friends who discuss and demonstrate some exercises to help you improve your airflow and capacity.

Liz Drew: The Importance of Airflow


Clarinet Playing | Resistance Exercise

26th May 2020

This is a neat little exercise to get you focussing on your air flow and air support. Regular use of this exercise will improve your sound and control.


Brass Playing Tips | Producing a Good Tone with Georgina Jackson

21st May 2020

In this short video & blog, top UK Trumpet player Georgina Jackson discusses some simple ideas to help improve your tone and approach to playing.

Georgina Jackson is a professional Trumpet player and singer. Working for years with many famous faces, such as Frank Sinatra Junior, Nancy Sinatra & Seal. Georgina learned her trade as a lead trumpet player with touring Big Bands in Concert Halls, on Television and Radio broadcasts. She has even performed at the Proms in London both singing and playing!


Clarinet Articulation Exercises

19th May 2020

We all know just how important good articulation is on all Wind Instruments. In this video Peter Cigleris walks through 3 exercises to incorporate into your warm-ups to help with articulation and get your tongue moving swiftly and lightly.


Safe and Clean! A Guide to Keeping Your Kit Clean for Wind Players

13th May 2020

Given the current situation, a lot of people are concerned about public and personal health. A musician’s health can be heavily associated with how well they keep their instruments and accessories. Today we’re going to guide you through measures you can take to ensure your gear is kept safe and clean!

In regards to personal health, please follow the current advice given by the NHS.

A note for all players! This blog will focus on keeping the mouthpiece clean, but be sure to also swab through and clean your whole instrument as usual to keep it working its best by insuring it is dry after playing. Take a look at our other cleaning and maintenance options online via your instruments accessory pages or here on the blog.

The Windcraft Clarinet Maintenance Kit comes with the basics needed for everyday cleaning.


Ask Dawkes – Clarinet & Sax Answers Session #2

11th May 2020

We recently offered to answer more of your Clarinet & Sax related questions. We picked out our favourites and recorded our answers via the power of online meetings!

Check out all the questions and answers below, or the first 8 questions here. If you would like to submit a question, you can do that through the initial blog, or by using the form at the bottom of this page.


Clarinet Warm-Up Tips

We’re joined by Ben Mellefont (Principal Clarinet, London Philharmonic Orchestra + Yamaha Performing Artist) to discuss the importance of warming up correctly, and some top tips of how to do it…


Home Recording – Top 5 Tips

7th May 2020

Whilst performing with friends and in public isn’t an option at the moment, plenty of people – myself included! – are exploring the world of home recording. After all, as musicians, we live to showcase our art!
But a percentage of these people – again, myself included! – are novices when it comes to the editing processes. From one beginner to another, here are a few tips I’ve figured out since I started experimenting with home recording and video editing.

‘Domino’ by Jessie J
Arranged, performed and edited by Jesse Harte

Ask Dawkes – Clarinet & Sax Answers Session #1

5th May 2020

We recently offered to answer ANY of your Clarinet & Sax related questions. We had a good number of queries and have recorded our answers via the power of online meetings!

Check out all the questions and answers below. If you would like to submit a question, you can do that through the initial blog, or by using the form at the bottom of this page.


Saxophone Fingerings | Ultimate Guide

27th April 2020

We all know the basic fingerings on Saxophone, BUT do you know all the alternatives? And how about all the high notes? And ideas for getting those C#’s in tune? Check out our ultimate guide with accompanying video…


Clarinet Tips | Tone Exercises

We’re joined by Ben Mellefont, Yamaha Performing Artist & London Philharmonic Principal Clarinettist to discuss a couple of quick and easy exercises for your Clarinet tone development…


Why Play a Wind Instrument? Top 10 Reasons…

23rd April 2020

Playing a musical instrument has many proven benefits for your mental and physical well-being. Whether you’re considering taking the plunge and starting your first instrument, or you’re coming back to music after a break, here are our Top 10 reasons to play a Wind Instrument…


Ask Dawkes – Clarinet & Sax

22nd April 2020

We’ve put together a top panel from our team with over 75 years of Sax & Clarinet playing, making, advising, teaching and performing experience under their belts.

You can SUBMIT YOUR QUESTION further down the page…


Saxophone Tips | Playing Fast

21st April 2020

As part of our #CreateInspireSupport series we’re delighted to offer this video from Alastair Penman.

There are reasons why playing fast is slightly harder on Sax than Clarinet or Flute for example. In this video and blog Alastair discusses why and offers some tips for you to overcome any issues with speed.


Clarinet Tips | Warm Up Exercise

As part of our #CreateInspireSupport content we’re delighted to bring you the first of a series of Clarinet videos from top UK player Peter Cigleris, supported by Backun Clarinets.

In this first video, Peter demonstrates a warm up using intervals on the clarinet. All designed to get your air flowing, your lips flexible and your instrument warmed up.


Learn Any Musical Passage in 10 Minutes…

15th April 2020

Recorded a couple of years ago, this popular video discusses a single technique to accelerate your practice and help you to learn any musical passage with relative ease.

Prof.Weinberg taught at Indiana University in the USA and the Guildhall School of Music in London. He also enjoyed a busy session playing life with recordings alongside such pop greats as The Beatles & Jimi Hendrix, and classical and film work with the London Symphony Orchestra…


Practicing Difficult Passages of Music

A couple of months ago we recorded a number of videos with Benjamin Mellefont, Yamaha Performing Artist and Principal Clarinet in the London Philharmonic Orchestra. In this particular video, with accompanying blog, Ben selects a challenging few bars of repertoire to dissect.

It doesn’t matter what instrument you play, the advice here works in all situations for musicians. In the blog & video below , we discuss:

  • The importance of knowing about the music & composer
  • Tips for researching the repertoire
  • How to ‘read’ the musical clues in the repertoire
  • Advice for de-constructing a flurry of notes and rhythms
  • Achieving success in your practice

Beginner Improvisation Course – Saxophones

5th March 2020

In April 2020 we will be continuing to offer small group improvisation lessons. After the success of our first series of lessons in 2019 we’re delighted to offer this beginners course again.

These lessons are:

  • Aimed at complete beginners to improvisation
  • For Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Baritone Sax Players
  • Run in a 6 week course, with one lesson per week
  • Designed to be a ‘first-step’ into improvisation
  • Starting on April 8th, 2020 (10.30am-11.15am for x6 consecutive weeks)

What’s Your Set-Up? Sax & Clarinet…

19th February 2020

This question gets thrown around a lot! From first time mouthpiece upgraders looking for something new, to highly-skilled amateurs looking for a different sound. Truthfully, someone’s answer – beyond letting you know how much money they dropped on a mouthpiece! – isn’t a lot of use to you. Why is this?


When Should I Upgrade?

A lot of adult learners and parents ask this question – and rightly so. Upgrading from a student to an intermediate (or even professional) model can be a significant financial investment. We’ll discuss when it’s good to upgrade an instrument, and what benefits an upgrade brings to your music making.


‘Must-Have’ Accessories for Brass and Woodwind Students

14th February 2020

Can I Hire an Instrument?

23rd December 2019

Can you hire an instrument at Dawkes? Yes, you can! Whether you want to rent a Bass Clarinet for a term, or want to try a beginner flute for a few months before spending the money on your own one, renting one of our instruments can be a great idea. Find out everything you need to know in our guide.


Can Learning an Instrument Help Mental Health?

20th December 2019

As humans, our mental health is incredibly fragile – for some more than others – and anything from a traumatic event to increased stress at work can lead to problems. The arrival of social media and a far more digital world seems to have only made these issues worse, too. So, if something can give even a little relief to someone struggling with their own mental health, it’s worth looking into – and one such activity is learning an instrument. 


How Much Does it Really Cost to Learn an Instrument?

18th December 2019

Learning an instrument has plenty of benefits, from looking great on school applications to boosting your memory, so choosing to pick one up yourself or encouraging your child is a no-brainer. But, it does come with a cost. Of course, there are ways you can reduce the price of learning an instrument to make sure it fits your budget, and we’ve got plenty of tips as we answer the question ‘how much does it cost to learn an instrument?’.


Linda’s Learning Lessons – Breathe!

4th November 2019

Proper use of breath support is essential for woodwind and brass instruments. Well, without air, they wouldn’t make a sound!

Playing slowly through passages helps me become more aware of my breath. It makes me release the air in a more controlled way, ensuring I engage my core muscles to help support my breathing.

“Proper breathing is just as important as proper technique.”


Trying New Instruments

31st October 2019

Whether you’re a student looking for a first upgrade or a professional on the market for something different, trying new – and second hand – instruments can be a difficult task. At least, if you don’t know what you’re looking for! We’ll give you a few pointers on things to focus on to get the most out of your trial sessions.


Yamaha Technician Visit

24th October 2019

We were delighted to welcome selected product designers and technicians from Yamaha EU to our workshop here at Dawkes recently. These visits are very useful for both parties to discuss the latest developments in instrument manufacturing and design…

Dawkes Workshop Team with Yamaha Visitors

Linda’s Learning Lessons – Start Slow

21st October 2019

As an adult learning a new skill, it is very easy to get frustrated at yourself for not making faster progress than expected! I feel this frustration can lead to the opposite of progress, and trying to learn something fast only leads to later problems.

“Don’t run before you can walk…”


Which Instruments are used in Jazz Music?

10th October 2019

As with all different genres of music, Jazz music tends to use a certain selection of instruments, known for blending that perfect jazz-style sound that has made the jazz genre so popular and well loved. Jazz is certainly known for a specific sound and style – and that’s what makes the music so well loved. 

However, because the genre of jazz music is so flexible and unpredictable, it’s a genre that generally tends to be quite experimental with instrument choices. This means that a lot of modern jazz try to vary their instrumental choices – saying that though, there does tend to be a few instruments that feature in the majority of jazz bands, so we’ll discuss these below in more detail.


Linda’s Learning Lessons

7th October 2019

Linda is a sales specialist at Dawkes, and has been learning the flute for two years. Despite her background as a singer, taking on the flute was a whole new venture! In Linda’s Learning Lessons, she’ll discuss what she’s taken away from learning an instrument as an adult.


Our Pick: Top 5 Brass Bands in the World

6th October 2019

Brass bands are the ultimate in uplifting, joyful music. Brass bands are known for filling the streets with amazing music and uplifting the spirits of people passing by.

Brass bands have a special place in our hearts and we love the music they make, and how they make us feel.


What’s the difference between Jazz & Blues?

1st October 2019

To the musical novice, Jazz and Blues may seem very similar and can easily be mixed up. The truth is, the two genres do have many similarities, but the core, origins and stylistic choices of the music styles are actually very different. 

Here we’ll discuss some of the main differences, and what makes both of these styles of music unique in their own right. Thinking about what makes music, music – the cultural history, the origins and the instruments used are perhaps the most influential aspects. Here are some initial differences. 


Clarinet Playing Advice – Warming Up (Video 3/3)

23rd April 2019

In the final video of this mini-series, we talk about the importance of warming up. Often overlooked, the warm up should form a strong part of your overall practice time and regime. Nick talks about the books he uses and why it’s so crucial to warm up properly, whatever your level and experience.


Workshop Feature: Making a Bass Clarinet

28th February 2019

We’re very lucky to have a unique team of experts in our Woodwind Workshop. Their skills cover everything Woodwind & Brass related, and we want to share some of their stories with you…

In this blog, we talk to Ana who joined us in 2016 after receiving her BA Hons in Musical Instrument Craft (Woodwind Making & Repair) from Newark Campus (Lincoln College) – the leading Repair training centre in the UK. This is the story of her Bass Clarinet, yes, the one she actually made from scratch!


Brass Instruments in the Orchestra

23rd January 2019

Brass instruments in the orchestra traditionally fall into the four categories of horns, trumpets, trombones and tubas. A typical combination of such instruments in a full symphony orchestra is four horns, two trumpets, three trombones and one tuba. However, the exact numbers in a given orchestra has been known to vary considerably according to historical period, geographical location and composer preference.

As their name suggests, brass instruments are unsurprisingly made of brass. They essentially resemble very long pipes that widen into a bell-like shape at their ends. The pipes are curved and twisted in many different ways, to enable them to be held and played more easily.

So, whether you are interested in a trombone, French horn or tuba, what do you need to know about the brass instruments in the orchestra to make the most informed buying choices?


Ultimate Guide: What is an Orchestra?

The term ‘orchestra’ means many things to many people, so it is probably most instructive to look first at the dictionary definition., for example, provides various answers to the question “what is an orchestra?”, with the first being “a group of performers on various musical instruments, including especially stringed instruments of the viol class, clarinets and flutes, cornets and trombones, drums, and cymbals, for playing music, as symphonies, operas, popular music, or other compositions.”

However, the same site also posits that in a modern theatre, the term ‘orchestra’ may refer to the space reserved for musicians, usually the front part of the main floor. It adds that in the ancient Greek theatre, the orchestra was the circular space in front of the stage, allotted to the chorus.


Ultimate Guide: What is a Wind Orchestra or Ensemble?

If you are a music lover, chances are you will have heard some form of orchestral music, be that at the theatre, at live music events, or even on TV and film soundtracks. But what is an orchestra? Well, put simply, an orchestra is a group of musicians who play a range of instruments together to create live music. They differ from a marching band in that they are designed for concerts and seated performances. (more…)

Woodwind Instruments in the Orchestra

15th November 2018

The name ‘woodwind’ for this family of instruments refers to the wood from which these instruments were once exclusively made, as well as the need to blow air – or ‘wind’ – into them to produce a sound. Woodwind instruments in the orchestra are no longer solely made of wood, with metal and plastic also now being used.

An orchestra’s wind section can consist of various combinations of such instruments as the piccolo, oboe, flute, clarinet, cor anglais (literally French for ‘English horn’), bass clarinet, E-flat clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon and saxophone. Below, we have sought to answer some of the most common woodwind orchestra queries that our customers here at Dawkes Music have.


Are Saxophones Part of the Orchestra?

It’s fair to say that the saxophone has long had a mixed relationship with the classical music world – such that you may be much more likely to hear one in a jazz recording than an orchestra. This is despite the saxophone somewhat filling an otherwise vacant gap between woodwind and brass instruments.

So, what are the factors in saxophone history that have contributed to the instrument’s slightly ‘outsider’ status among classical musicians – and what is the saxophone orchestra’s potential in the 21st century?


The Dawkes Music Story – About Jack Dawkes (part 2/2)

8th November 2018

This is the second part of our look back at the life of our founder Jack Dawkes. In the first blog Jack discussed his early life, time spent distance learning composition in WWII trenches(!) and leaving to become a working musician. In this second blog Jack talks further about his playing career and subsequent progression into Instrument Repairs and provision…

Dawkes Music – Uxbridge Shop


The Dawkes Music Story – Jack Dawkes (part 1/2)

2nd November 2018

Here at Dawkes we’re proud to be a family business, in fact the fourth generation has just started working with us full time! We wanted to share some of this history through the words of our founder Jack Dawkes over two blogs.

In this first part Jack looks back at his early life including his first musical studies and his time in WWII including the Normandy campaign…



30th October 2018

Here at Dawkes, we are always delighted to present you with the opportunity to come in and test run new (or used!) equipment. Whether that is a mouthpiece, instrument, or something from our wide range of accessories. What may be of interest to you is that our Acoustic Room is a facility where you can really hear the difference certain equipment makes to your sound.

In this room you can test out different equipment in a variety of acoustic environments. These can be changed at the push of a button, essentially simulating many ‘real world’ acoustic scenarios live. You can test and compare equipment and playback the results. You’ll finally be able to hear what your audiences hear. More importantly, you can make sure you’re happy with what YOU hear.


Brass Mouthpieces – An Overview

Why so Important?

All brass players wonder at one time or another whether or not making a change to their mouthpiece will help. Could it give them more range, more volume or a bigger sound? A change in the mouthpiece can yield fantastic results to the player. You can achieve faster, higher and louder from just a small change.

How a Brass Mouthpiece is designed


Meet the Team – Ana (Repair Dept)

16th August 2018

About Ana:

Hi, I’m Ana! I moved from Lisbon, Portugal to England to study a 3 year Woodwind Instrument Making and Repair Course at Newark College. This is an internationally known course that is recognised and valued among the industry. I believe for that reason I was accepted to join the team at Dawkes Music Workshop. Also the passion I bring to put my knowledge and skills into each repair.


Meet the Team – Jocelyn (Repair Dept)

About Jocelyn:

Hi, I’m Jocelyn, one of the Repair Technicians at Dawkes. I work on both woodwind and brass instruments.


Meet The Team – Linda (Customer Service)

10th August 2018

Hello! My name is Linda and I work in the customer service and sales department at Dawkes Music. My life would be incomplete without music! I’ve been singing and dancing for as far back as I can remember.


Meet The Team – Matt (Brass Dept)

2nd August 2018

Hi! My name is Matt and I am a Brass Instrument Specialist here at Dawkes Music.


Start Spring Afresh with some Inspiring Local Music

12th April 2018

The Easter break may be drawing to a close – but that doesn’t stop the musical fun from happening! Are you still looking for something to interest the whole family these holidays? Look no further afield as this weekend; there is something happening on your doorstep at Norden Farm.


Learn To Play Day – Success Story #1

3rd March 2018

In preparation for this years national ‘Learn To Play Day’ we are chatting with some new players who started their musical journeys at a previous Learn To Play event. Whatever your age, there’s nothing to stop you picking up an instrument and achieving your musical dreams! Over to you Heather…


Learn To Play Day – Success Story #2

In preparation for this years national ‘Learn To Play Day’ we are chatting with some new players who started their musical journeys at a previous Learn To Play event. Whatever your age, there’s nothing to stop you picking up an instrument and achieving your musical dreams! Over to you Jinny…


Learn To Play Day – Success Story #3

In preparation for this years national ‘Learn To Play Day’ we are chatting with some new players who started their musical journeys at a previous Learn To Play event. Whatever your age, there’s nothing to stop you picking up an instrument and achieving your musical dreams! Over to you Joshua…


Learn To Play Day – Live Music (Flute Duet – 2.30pm)

22nd June 2017

We’ve got some more inspirational live music for you as part of our LTPD celebrations this Saturday 24th June. At 2.30pm we will hear some wonderful flute duets from two talented flautists Victoria Dawkes and Suzanne Poulter. Here’s a little bit more about them both:


Learn To Play Day – A Family Day Out

7th June 2017

What is Learn To Play Day?

We’re very excited to be taking part in the National ‘Learn To Play Day’ again this year. Each time we offer FREE taster sessions on Saxophone, Clarinet & Flute to anyone coming through our doors on Saturday June 24th.

Each year we give lots of free taster sessions to adults and children, it really is a fun day out for all the family in a supportive and relaxed environment. So far we’ve given over 300 free lessons in LTPD history, and many visitors have gone on to get involved in playing an instrument (read some our ‘Success Stories’ here).


Learn To Play Day – Live Music (Sforzando! Sax Ensemble)

As part of our Learn To Play Day celebrations we’re delighted to feature some Live Music throughout the day. This is all free and serves to inspire and encourage visitors to take part and pick up a musical instrument. It’s not all about the professionals either, there are many adult and children’s groups in our community at various levels of experience and expertise.


Learn To Play Day – Live Music (MyMusic Adult Group)

26th May 2017

As part of our Learn To Play Day celebrations we’re delighted to feature some Live Music throughout the day. This is all free and serves to inspire and encourage visitors to take part and pick up a musical instrument. It’s not all about the professionals either, there are many adult and children’s groups in our community at various levels of experience and expertise.


Education Support

4th October 2016

Dawkes Music strives to support musicians throughout their journey, and from the very beginning.  A couple of events we were present at in September are perfect examples of how we are always here to help create, support and inspire musicians of all ages.


Music Education Expo (2016)

23rd March 2016

For the first time, this year Dawkes Music took a stand at the Music Education Expo at London Olympia at the end of February. We were aiming to raise awareness of our products and services within the music teaching community. With an estimated attendance of 2500-3000 teachers, we were feeling confident that we could have lots of conversations about activities such as our ‘Hands on’ instrument sessions for schools, our Teacher Loyalty Scheme, the new Education Workshop series, our expertise in instrumental repair/ maintenance and the availability of repair days, as well as our range of beginner and intermediate instruments – all with a view to create, inspire and support new young musicians.


Feefo – Gold Trusted Retailer (Independent Reviews)

11th February 2015



Dawkes Music receive ‘Gold Trusted’ Retailer award…

Feefo has introduced the Trusted Merchant accreditation to recognise the hard-work of merchants that consistently deliver excellent customer service in the eyes of their genuine customers.Those businesses that meet the criteria, have been accredited as either a ‘Trusted Merchant’ or a ‘Gold Trusted Merchant’.


Award Winners! Dawkes scoop ‘Best Classical Music Instrument Shop’ award…

26th November 2014

We’re delighted to have been voted by the public as the ‘Best Classical Music Instrument Shop’ for the UK in 2014.

Having been previous winners in 2011 & 2012 we were excited to get the award back to our shop in 2014. We’d like to thank everybody that took the time to vote for us, we do appreciate it very much and we hope we can continue to fulfill your musical needs throughout 2015 and beyond!


Learn to Play Day 2013 (Live @ Dawkes IV)

30th March 2013

small Live_at_Dawkes_Logo3Saturday March 16th saw this years National Learn To Play Day land in style at Dawkes. As one of over 80 retailers taking part we were proud to offer free music lessons throughout the day, and in the usual Dawkes fashion we like to think we took it up a notch with some live performances from a Big Band and two local youth wind groups.


Dawkes Music – 2012 Award Winners…AGAIN!!! ‘Best Classical Instrument Retailer’

23rd November 2012

The annual MIA (Music Industry Association) awards took place last night at the Emirates stadium in London. A gathering of all corners of the music industry from small independent retailers to large world renowned manufacturers meet at these annual awards to sort the ‘best from the rest’.