‘Must-Have’ Accessories for Brass and Woodwind Students

14th February 2020

Brass Accessories

  1. Lubricants
  2. Mouthpiece Brush
    • Keeping your mouthpiece hygienic and clean with this simple tool should be encouraged weekly! Keeping the mouthpiece clean not only keeps it working at its best, but it is also a good way of keeping players healthy and ready to play. Just brush through with some warm soapy water! Here are some brush options …
  3. Polishing Cloths
    • Everybody’s favourite! Keeping the instrument in great visual condition cuts down on maintenance costs and ensures that any potential problems go unavoided or seen quickly. Some cloths are for getting very simple marks or dust of the mechanisms, as well as those with product built in to keep the brass or silver in top conditions – not just for concerts! We use a variety of cloths to keep out instruments and those in the workshop in good condition, and here are some of our favourites.
  4. Spares
    • Disaster! The water key cork has just fallen off and won’t go back on! We see many rigs for this happening (blue tack is popular), so luckily we carry spares for all sorts of parts – including corks and springs. We recommend keeping a set in case this happens at the worst moment. We are happy to help find the right size of corks and springs for customers and have a range of other repair supplies and tools.
  5. Cleaning Cloths and Tools

Woodwind Accessories

  1. Spare Reeds in a Reed Case
    • Reed rotation is important so the student has a good reed at all times, as well as meaning they are cleaning their mouthpiece regularly. Those that leave their one reed on for a length of time before it’s unusable tend not to notice the condition their mouthpiece gets into. We recommend students have 2 or 3 reeds on the go, as well as a box of reeds (for single reed players) that they work through. The reed case doesn’t need to be fancy, and we have a variety of finishes and colours.
  2. Mouthpiece Maintenance (Single Reeds and Flute Headjoints)
  3. The Basics – Cork Grease, Cleaning Papers, Pull-Through …
  4. Polishing Cloths
  5. Instrument Stand
    • Perhaps more useful for the older students and for those part of an ensemble, or anyone who wants to keep the instrument safe during rests or breaks. We don’t recommend the student keeps the instrument out and on the stand at home – it should be cleaned and put away to keep it in its best shape and safe from accidents.

Don’t forget every musician’s most important accessory … the pencil! Stationary in general is great to keep in your case, to mark music or take other notes. We have plenty of stationary but a pencil is the one must-have!

Louise – Sales Dept