Which Clarinet is Best for a Beginner?

29th August 2023

Whether choosing one for your child or picking up the instrument for the first time yourself, it’s never easy knowing which clarinet is best for a beginner. There are so many options and a lot of jargon to wade through, making it near impossible to figure it out without a little help. That’s exactly why we’ve put together this guide looking at beginner clarinets.

beginner clarinet

What to Consider

Before you even look at clarinets for beginners, there are a couple of things you should consider to make sure you pick the right one for you or your little one:

  • Budget: If you’re trying a clarinet for the first time, it’s probably not a great idea to jump in at the most expensive end, even if it is tempting! If you find you’re not as keen on it as you thought you would be, it would be a shame to spend so much money, even considering our generous buy-back option. This is especially true with kids, who are prone to dropping new hobbies just as quickly as they pick them up.
  • Use: If you have a specific purpose for your clarinet, this can definitely affect which you should pick. For example, if it’s for a child, we’d usually recommend a plastic model as they are lighter, easier to blow and very durable. However, if it’s sound quality that’s more important to you, and you’re starting as an adult, then a wooden clarinet could be a better option. 

At Dawkes, we have a huge selection of Bb clarinets, all of which we’ve selected for their sound quality, durability, and price, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Browse through the collection for more information or contact us and we’ll help you find it exactly what you’re looking for. We even hire clarinets for a low monthly cost if you want to get started without any big outlay.

Best Makes & Models?

This can be slightly subjective, the two most recommended tend to be Buffet and Yamaha. These brands have excellent build quality, a nice sound and are easy to play. Check out our video below featuring the Yamaha YCL-255S vs the Buffet Prodige. Both of which are very popular beginner Clarinets that are often recommended by Teachers.

What About Other Brands?

Nowadays there are a broad range of high-quality clarinets that are good for beginners. This includes models by Jupiter, Backun, Leblanc and Windcraft. We’ve created a video discussing and demonstrating these other models below:

Clarinets for Beginners

There’s no one single answer to which clarinet is best for beginners, but we can help you find one that’s more suitable. At Dawkes, we have 5 different categories of clarinets, along with our special section. The 5 different categories are Bb, A, Eb, Alto, and Bass

If you’re just starting out, the Bb will probably be the best option for you due to its versatility. It can be used for a whole range of different types of music, from jazz to marching tunes, and a lot of music is written to be played on this specific type of clarinet. It’s easy to hold, put together and play and 99% of new beginners will start on a Bb clarinet.

For more information regarding our selection of clarinets, both new and used, give us a call today on 01628 630 800 or contact us here. Our award-winning team are happy to help answer any queries and give their best advice.