Saxophone Mouthpieces from Dawkes Music

We stock a broad range of Saxophone Mouthpieces for all types of Saxophone and all types of players. The mouthpiece plays a huge part in the overall sound and ease of play so it’s important to choose the right mouthpiece for your experience level and style of music. Each Saxophone type (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone) needs their own specific mouthpiece. Our range includes top brand names such as Otto Link, Meyer, Jody Jazz, Vandoren, Aizen, Theo Wanne, Yamaha and many more.

How to Buy

We offer all our mouthpiece options on-line for immediate delivery or in-store. All mouthpieces are available to try on 14-day approval. So, you can order 2-3 models, test them out at home and send back what you don’t want to keep. We refund you in full, less £3 per mouthpiece for a re-stocking/sanitising fee. It’s quick and easy to order on our website. Simply choose the model and tip opening you want and add it to your basket. Any orders received before 2pm are sent out that day (Mon-Fri) and you can choose your delivery method during the checkout. You can buy 2-3 models and compare them at home using our approval system. If you can visit our store in Maidenhead, Berkshire you can have your own private testing room to try a variety of mouthpieces. Our friendly expert staff will be on hand to help you choose the right model for your playing style.

How much do Saxophone mouthpieces cost?

The cost varies depending on the make, material and design. Basic Alto Saxophone mouthpieces for beginners can cost between £15-£30. These are usually made from plastic which makes them very consistent. The design of these mouthpieces is focussed on making the Saxophone easy to play. Most teachers recommend the Yamaha range of plastic mouthpieces to start on.

As you progress and want something more from your Saxophone mouthpiece most people usually consider ebonite or metal models. These offer different acoustic properties due to their resonance, and manufacturers create more detailed designs to help with tone production, projection and quality of sound. Ebonite upgrade models for most Saxophones start around £50 and can go up to £400. Metal Saxophone mouthpieces can cost anywhere from £150-£550 depending on the quality and manufacturer.

How to choose

At first glance it can seem overwhelming due to the number of Saxophone mouthpieces on the market. However, most break up into groups of models that are relevant depending on your experience and the genre you are playing. For example, is it Classical, Jazz or Grade work that you are playing?

If you are still learning then ask your Teacher for their advice, they will know how you play and what may suit you best. Our experienced staff are also on-hand to help you look at the right models for your goals. Always try and think about what you’d like to achieve by changing mouthpiece. Are you looking for a darker or brighter sound for example? Is there something you find difficult on your current mouthpiece?

When buying a student model plastic mouthpiece, it’s not generally necessary to compare various models. However, if you’re looking to upgrade from a plastic model to an ebonite or metal mouthpiece, we would encourage you trying 2-3 different models so you can find out which suits you best. You can do this in-store or by ordering online and trying them at home using our approval system.

Classical vs Jazz

Fundamentally most Saxophone mouthpiece designs can be split into two groups: Classical and Jazz. Various design features such as the facing style, the baffle and chamber design will result in mouthpieces that are suited for one style more than another.

But what if you play a variety of styles? You may have to accept some compromises, but there are models that crossover and do a good job in all genres. Just contact us to discuss your options and we can help point you in the right direction.

How long do Saxophone mouthpieces last?

Saxophone mouthpieces should last for many years. Plastic student models can be cleaned regularly using warm water and a mild detergent such as Fairy Liquid. However, if you have an Ebonite (Hard Rubber) mouthpiece you MUST NOT use any warm water as it can react negatively with the ebonite compound.

With heavy use over decades, some ebonite models can wear and the facing will alter slightly, however, this is fairly unusual and with good care and cleaning you should get many years from your mouthpiece.