Meet the Team – Ana (Repair Dept)

Hi, I’m Ana! I moved from Lisbon, Portugal to England to study a 3 year Woodwind Instrument-Making and Repair Course at Newark College which is Internationaly known, recognised and valued among the industry. I believe for that reason I was accepted to join the team at Dawkes Music Workshop plus the passion I have to put the knowledge and skills into each repair.

The reason I chose this trade is because since I was a young player I would take my clarinet, and later my bass clarinet, to a repairer to perform a ‘miracle’, I was amazed by the work!

After being part of the Portuguese Army Symphonic Band for 7 years and playing at that high standard I recognise even more the value of having my clarinet in a full playing order, ready to do what was expected from me with no excuses. So before my contract in the Army terminated I had to explore what to do next and for sure I wanted to be connected to music.

So, here I am as a trained repairer! Of course, as a clarinet player this is the instrument I have the most sensitivity to when it comes to repair and play testing. However, since joining Dawkes and whilst gaining further experience in woodwind repair, I’m also being trained to repair brass instruments of all types. I continue to serve, inspire and support clients to the best of my abilities and to the high Dawkes Music standards.

Here’s Ana in action walking us through the steps in a Clarinet re-pad…