Why Play a Wind Instrument? Top 10 Reasons…

23rd April 2020

Playing a musical instrument has many proven benefits for your mental and physical well-being. Whether you’re considering taking the plunge and starting your first instrument, or you’re coming back to music after a break, here are our Top 10 reasons to play a Wind Instrument…

IMPROVE TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS. If you want to progress on your instrument, you will need to learn how to organise your practice time and plan different challenges to work on, making efficient use of time.

TEACHES PERSEVERANCE. Learning to play an instrument takes time and effort, which requires patience and plenty of perseverance – it’s not going to happen overnight.

STRENGTHENS YOUR RESPIRATORY SYSTEM. If you have a good music teacher, you should hear them tell you quite often to “use more air!” You’ll need to use your breath efficiently and learn how to blow the air into your instrument correctly to make a good sound and support the tone.

ENHANCES COORDINATION. Playing an instrument requires a lot of hand-eye coordination – your brain will convert reading a musical note into a movement repeatedly.

INCREASES MEMORY. Research has shown that listening to music and/or playing a musical instrument stimulates your brain and can increase your memory.

IMPROVES MENTAL AGILITY. Reading music involves counting notes and rhythms which can really improve your mental agility. For example, studies have shown that students who play instruments are often better at mathematics and problem-solving tasks.

BUILD TEAM SKILLS. Team skills are a really important part of life. Playing an instrument gives you the chance to play along with others to make music. In bands and orchestras you have to co-ordinate with other people around you, listening and working together.

instrument, so you can play whatever you want on it! Playing music with thought and emotion is proven to relieve stress.

CREATES A SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT. Overcoming musical challenges that you thought you’d never quite master can give you a great sense of pride in yourself.

Playing a musical instrument should be fun. Here at Dawkes Music we tell people every day to “have fun!” Not only is it fun to play music that you enjoy but it’s great to see the enjoyment on other people’s faces too.

So, what are you waiting for? Making music helps you feel younger, makes you smarter, and keeps you healthy. Sounds good to us and we look forward to helping start your musical journey at Dawkes Music.

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