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Yamaha Euphoniums

Here you’ll find a range of Yamaha Euphoniums for sale. The Yamaha Euphonium range is designed to help players at all levels and provide them with a top-quality instrument. Well regarded for their rich velvety tone, these Euphoniums are a joy to play and own.

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Quality Manufacturing

Large brass instruments such as Euphonium require specialist manufacturing. Shaping and crafting the brass on these large instruments is a skill that requires excellence and consistency. Yamaha invest heavily in their production processes and materials. This results in a range of instruments that are responsive and positive to play.

Development & Design

Although Yamaha began producing instruments back in 1897, it wasn’t until the late 1960s and early 1970s that they really developed a full range of Brass instruments. In the last 50 years, the Yamaha range has grown in quality and popularity. Now they are widely regarded as the finest manufacturer of wind & brass instruments in the world. This growth has come from continued development and consistent re-investment in material and production quality.

Yamaha are the only company to employ a full staff of research and design experts on every instrument they produce. This R&D team work alongside professional players to ensure the instruments meet the demands of modern performers. In the case of the Euphonium, these partnerships have helped create the Neo range specifically for brass band players, and also the Custom range for international soloists.

Model Differences

There are three main levels of Yamaha Euphonium. The first instrument in the range is the 300 series. The most common spec at this range is a 3-valve combination with either a lacquer or silver-plated finish. This is known as the YEP-301 model – it offers a reliable and enjoyable starting point for any new Euphonium players. The intonation is excellent across the full range of the instrument and it has a full, authoritative tone. There is also a 4-valve offset version of this student model call the YEP-321 but that is not commonly used in this market.

Stepping up from the student models you have two choices within the professional Yamaha Euphonium range. Firstly, the Neo model (YEP642) is specifically designed for the brass band community. The tone is balanced and agile and blends beautifully in the band section. These Neo models have been developed with top brass band professionals such as Bill Millar and Steven Walsh. The aim being to create a professional Euphonium that emulates the best of the classic British Euphonium tone and heritage.

The very top model in the range is the Custom Series (YEP-842) this is available with or without a trigger system and is designed for the most demanding soloists. It has a different character to the Neo and players sometimes like to compare and contrast to find which best suits their playing style and character.

Choosing a Yamaha Euphonium

For any beginner the Yamaha YEP-301 would be an excellent starting point. In fact, to call it a beginner instrument is unfairly limiting the quality of this instrument. For many, even experienced adults, it could offer a long-term solution, only limited by the lack of a 4th compensating valve.

When looking to buy a professional Euphonium either the Neo or the Custom would suit any discerning player. Not only does each model offer a broad tonal range and character, but the manufacturing quality ensures the instruments are hassle-free to own and enjoy for many years.

PREMIUM Set-Up: Information

Our PREMIUM Set-Up instruments have been chosen by our Workshop Technicians to receive an enhanced and customised pre-sale preparation.

This can include use of specialised materials and processes to enhance the feel, response and playability of the instrument.

A full list of the specific set-up materials and processes is offered on these selected instrument pages.