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Yamaha Flugel Horns

We offer a full range of Yamaha Flugel Horns for sale here at Dawkes Music. These fantastic instruments feature a rich, full tone with excellent depth and sonority. Yamaha produce a Flugel Horn for any style and genre of music you may play.

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Yamaha Flugel Horns

The Flugel Horn historically has been used in various musical ensembles. Whatever the use, it’s the soulful character of tone that has captured the imagination of players for many years. Whether it’s in the jazz genre or brass bands, you will find a Yamaha Flugel Horn to meet your tonal demands and enhance your playing experience.

Quality of Production

Yamaha musical instruments have been produced since 1897. The brass range began in 1966 with the first Trumpet (YTR-1) and the Flugel Horn was added just a few years later as the range expanded. At this point the Yamaha brass instruments were newcomers to the market. To help establish their position and popularity Yamaha worked tirelessly to ensure the highest possible production standards were met in their Japanese factory.

Alongside these technological developments which eventually became industry-leading, the team at Yamaha also worked alongside professional musicians to get feedback and collaborate on model improvements. With the Flugel Horn these partnerships were with players across a range of musical disciplines, but always with players at the very peak of their profession.

The international Yamaha Atelier centres conduct R&D experiments with each minute aspect of instrument design. This can be down to millimetre placement of tuning slides, waterkey pipes, levers and even the type of lacquer application. All with the goal of producing an instrument of unsurpassed technical quality and with a beautiful tone.

Model Differences

Yamaha focus their Flugel Horn production on the upper range of the market. There are three main models: the YFH-631G, YFH8315G and YFH-8310Z. Let’s discuss these in a little more detail below.

The YFH-631G model is a professional level Flugel Horn, primarily appreciated by the brass band / traditional brass ensemble players. It has a two-piece gold brass bell which offers excellent depth and warmth to the tone. The bore is a medium 0.433” / 11mm size, this ensures the 631G has plenty of breadth to the sound. As such it’s ideal in brass band / section ensemble scenarios where it blends seamlessly.

The YFH-8315G and YFH-8310Z models are both geared more towards the jazz & commercial markets. Both feature a small 0.413” / 10.5mm bore which makes them sound and feel more focussed in tone and response compared to the broader 631G. The 8315G was developed alongside Wayne Bergeron and features a 6” two-piece gold brass bell. It benefits from a newly designed trigger system and leadpipe and monel pistons for a precise, fluid action. The 8310Z was inspired by Bobby Shew and it differs by having a one-piece yellow brass bell. This gives even more focus and projection to the tone.

Why Choose Yamaha Flugel Horns?

The three main models offer a choice for all musicians in every genre. The build quality and craftmanship that goes into each Yamaha Flugel Horn is difficult to beat in the brass making world. They play beautifully, are very reliable and enjoyable to own.

PREMIUM Set-Up: Information

Our PREMIUM Set-Up instruments have been chosen by our Workshop Technicians to receive an enhanced and customised pre-sale preparation.

This can include use of specialised materials and processes to enhance the feel, response and playability of the instrument.

A full list of the specific set-up materials and processes is offered on these selected instrument pages.