Besson Prestige BE2028 - Silver Plated Bb Cornet

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The Besson Prestige BE2028 is at the pinnacle of the modern Cornet making design. Chosen by top professionals around the world, the Prestige has a great balance of warmth, projection and character. With this excellent condition pre-owned model you can save over £1,000 off the new equivalent price.

The Prestige BE2028 has a redesigned valve block and a fully adjustable microball main tuning slide trigger. It posseses many of the playing characteristics of the old 921s and original International cornets so loved in the 70s. This is the premium Instrument of choice for top soloists and band members. 

Since joining the Buffet Crampon group in 2006, new tooling has been implemented and laser measuring of past models has taken place. This reference to older models such as Imperial, New Standard and early Sovereign is to ensure the original designs and ethos of the Besson sound are accurately respected and represented. 

Bells are hand hammered and hand spun, as was the case prior to the early 90s. This method avoids over tensioning the metal and ultimately produces more sonorous instruments. Each valve is individually hand lapped and perfectly fitted. 

Top cornet player Roger Webster says: "These instruments are fantastic! The feeling of total quality takes me back to the 70s and 80s when the only instrument worth having was a Besson "


  • .470 inch large bore
  • Main tuning slide and 3rd slide triggers 
  • Top centre sprung monel valves
  • Gold plated trim + Deluxe case supplied
  • Fully workshop checked and set-up with 6 month warranty
  • Try in store or at home on 14 day approval.
  • Save over £1,000 off the new equivalent price

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