Rico/D'Addario Saxophone Reeds

We stock the full range of D'Addario Woodwinds reeds for Saxophone which include the classic Rico and Royal. The D'Addario Saxophone reed range offers cane and synthetic options for students and professionals playing in all musical genres from jazz to classical. High quality manufacturing, premium cane and ongoing research and design help keep D'Addario Sax reeds the choice of many Saxophonists.

Why D'Addario Saxophone Reeds?

D'Addario use a sophisticated, proprietary blanking process to ensure each reed is the finest it can possibly be. The D'Addario Saxophone reeds are produced from cane that is grown 100% organically. The new VENN synthetic reeds use a unique polymer interspersed with real cane particles.

Filed vs Unfiled Saxophone Reed Cuts

Filed vs Unfiled Saxophone Reed Cuts

Saxophone reeds are produced in either a Filed or Unfiled style, primarily using cane as the core material. With a Filed reed the bark is removed with a definite cut before the vamp is shaped. With Unfiled reeds the vamp is shaped straight into the bark. Filed reeds are also called ‘French Cut' whereas Unfiled reeds are known as ‘American Cut'. How the two different styles respond differently has a large amount to do with the mouthpiece style and the player.

Most manufacturers state the Filed reeds have a more focused, flexible tone whereas Unfiled reeds will have a more powerful, dark, projecting sound. In very broad terms the Unfiled reeds are often best for jazz performers due to the type of mouthpieces they use. Whereas the filed reeds are best suited to more classical mouthpiece facing designs. However, there are always exceptions to the rule!

Rico by D'Addario Saxophone Reeds

Rico by D'Addario

  • Ideal for students & beginners
  • Designed for ease of play
  • Unfiled cut with traditional blank and profile
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Royal by D'Addario Saxophone Reeds

Royal by D'Addario

  • Ideal for students & advancing players
  • Ease of response & increased clarity
  • Filed cut with traditional blank and profile
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La Voz Saxophone Reeds

La Voz

  • Designed for Jazz Players
  • Wider strength ranges from 'soft' to 'hard'
  • Unfiled cut with stronger spine
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Jazz Select Saxophone Reeds

Jazz Select

  • Premium jazz reed option
  • Great projection, clarity, and vibrancy
  • Filed or Unfiled options available
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Plasticover Saxophone Reeds


  • Brilliant tone full of projection
  • Rock, pop, latin, funk or jazz
  • Filed cut cane with coated formula
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Frederick L.Hemke Saxophone Reeds

Frederick L.Hemke

  • Suitable for all genres
  • Warm sound with good articulation
  • Filed cut with thinner tip and short vamp
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Reserve Organic Saxophone Reeds

Reserve Organic

  • Cut to the tightest tolerances
  • Offer a clear, even, and warm sound
  • Filed cut with heavy spine for control
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Venn Synthetic Saxophone Reeds

Venn Synthetic

  • Made of unique polymer fibres
  • Material includes natural cane particles
  • Warm and rich sound, highly consistent & durable
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