Vandoren Clarinet Reeds

The ever-popular Vandoren Clarinet reed range includes models for classical, jazz and everything in-between. Established well over 100 years, the Vandoren company is based in the South of France. The climate in this region is perfect for growing the cane used on the vast majority of the Vandoren Clarinet reed range. The combination of Vandoren reeds and mouthpieces has been appreciated by students and professionals for decades.

Why Vandoren Clarinet Reeds?

The Traditional ‘blue box’ reeds have been the choice of many musicians for decades, but Vandoren now offer a broad choice that caters for all preferences. There are a number of choices of traditional cane reeds, each offering a different response and tonal character. Vandoren have also now introduced a fully synthetic reed which offers the ultimate in durability and consistency.

Filed vs Unfiled Clarinet Reed Cuts

Filed vs Unfiled Vandoren Reed Cuts

One basic difference between clarinet reeds is the cut style. This can be filed (French Cut) or unfiled (American Cut). The filed reeds have a secondary cut, usually directly below the main cut. The filed clarinet reeds generally feature a thinner tip but thicker heart. The thinner tip helps with articulation, and this gives them a clean and precise tone. The unfiled reeds in general have a ‘woodier’ and deeper resonance.

The choice is primarily affected by your personal preference, but the mouthpiece plays an important role also. The filed cut reeds are generally suited to clarinet mouthpieces that have a ‘French-style’ facing curve. Classic designs such as Vandoren 5RV, B40 and B45 and many others have this general design. Whereas mouthpieces that have an ‘American-style’ facing curve (flatter at the end) will generally suit the unfiled reed cut better. Examples would include the Vandoren M and BD series.

Vandoren Traditional Clarinet Reeds

Vandoren Traditional

  • Excellent response in all registers
  • Very flexible with body & clarity
  • Filed cut, thinnest tip & heel design
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Vandoren V12 Clarinet Reeds

Vandoren V12

  • Made from larger cane tubes
  • Longer palette gives rich, deep sound
  • Filed cut, medium tip, thicker heel than Traditionals
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Vandoren 56 Rue L’Epic Clarinet Reeds

Vandoren 56 Rue L’Epic

  • Similar to German-style reeds
  • Rich, centred, and extremely pure sound
  • Unfiled cut, thick tip, thickest heel design
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Vandoren V21 Clarinet Reeds

Vandoren V21

  • Combines shape of 56 Rue with a V12 profile
  • Immediate response, with great depth of sound
  • Unfiled cut, medium tip, thickest heel design
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Vandoren Juno Clarinet Reeds

Vandoren Juno

  • Specially designed for new beginners
  • Ease of sound emission, good response
  • Standard filed cut for clean, crisp tone
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Vandoren VK1 Synthetic Clarinet Reeds

Vandoren VK1 Synthetic

  • Specially developed and unique composite material
  • Moisture resistant, highly consistent, and responsive
  • Clean, crisp, and responsive articulation
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