Vandoren Saxophone Reeds

The Vandoren company has been established for over a century. During this time they’ve become one of the leading manufacturers of Saxophone reeds, mouthpieces and accessories. The cane used on Vandoren Saxophone reeds is primarily grown and harvested in the South of France. The 100% natural production process combines age-old knowledge with the latest high-tech manufacturing processes.

Why Vandoren Saxophone Reeds?

Whether you are a beginner, advancing player or professional there is a Vandoren Saxophone reed that will work for you. The excellent range of choice means that whatever musical genre you enjoy there will be a Vandoren reed that suits you and your set-up. For Classical/Grade players the Traditional, V12 and V21 models offer exceptional response and can help produce a beautiful tone. For Jazz/Contemporary players the Java, V16 and ZZ models all offer their own unique response and tonal character.

Filed vs Unfiled Clarinet Reed Cuts

Filed vs Unfiled Vandoren Reed Cuts

One important variation between Vandoren Saxophone reeds is the cut style. This can be filed (French Cut) or unfiled (American Cut). The filed reeds have a secondary cut, usually directly below the main cut. The filed Saxophone reeds generally feature a thinner tip but thicker heart. The thinner tip helps with articulation, and this gives them a clean and precise tone. The unfiled reeds in general have a ‘woodier’ and deeper resonance. The choice is primarily affected by your personal preference, but the mouthpiece plays an important role also.

The filed cut reeds are generally suited to Saxophone mouthpieces that have a ‘French-style’ facing curve. This is usually the more Classical designs such as Selmer C*/Concept and the Vandoren AL/AP series. Whereas mouthpieces that have an ‘American-style’ facing curve (flatter at the end) will generally suit the unfiled reed cut better. Examples would include all the main American-influenced jazz mouthpieces such as Link, Meyer, Wanne, Drake, Aizen, D’Addario Select Jazz etc.

Vandoren Traditional Saxophone Reeds

Vandoren Traditional

  • Excellent response in all registers
  • Very flexible with body & clarity
  • Filed cut, thinnest tip & heel design
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Vandoren V12 Saxophone Reeds

Vandoren V12

  • Made from larger cane tubes
  • Longer palette gives rich, deep sound
  • Filed cut, medium tip, thicker heel than Traditionals
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Vandoren V21 Saxophone Reeds

Vandoren V21

  • Developed for contemporary players
  • Particularly warm, clean, centred tone
  • Unfiled cut, medium tip, thickest heel design
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Vandoren Juno Saxophone Reeds

Vandoren Juno

  • Specially designed for new beginners
  • Ease of sound emission, good response
  • Standard filed cut for clean, crisp tone
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Vandoren Java Red Cut Saxophone Reeds

Vandoren Java Red Cut

  • Inspired by Java Green but more flexible
  • Full tonal body, filed cut enables quick articulation
  • The only filed cut jazz reed, excellent projection
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Vandoren Java Saxophone Reeds

Vandoren Java

  • The original classic Java design for Jazz
  • More flexible palette than Traditional & V16
  • Unfiled cut, long palette, bright sounding, thick tip
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Vandoren ZZ Saxophone Reeds

Vandoren ZZ

  • Immediately responsive with rich, colourful sound
  • Combination of Java flexibility plus V16 resonance
  • Unfiled cut, medium-thick heart, spine, and rounded tip
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Vandoren V16 Saxophone Reeds

Vandoren V16

  • Most brilliant and percussive jazz reed
  • Deep rich tone thanks to medium-thick heart
  • Unfiled cut, thick rounded tip, long palette
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