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Woodwind Repairs

Woodwind Repairs at Dawkes Music are done by our team of qualified Woodwind Instrument Repairers.
We are able to service all Woodwinds, such as Clarinets, Saxophones, Flutes, Oboes and Bassoons.

Woodwind Repairs - Dawkes Music Workshop

Woodwind Repairs - Clarinet

The Dawkes Music Instrument Repair Workshop is open every weekday from 9.30 - 5.30, and on Saturdays from 9.30 - 4.30. We repair all Woodwind Instruments such as Clarinets, Saxophones, Flutes, Oboes and Bassoons. To keep your Woodwind Instrument in good working order, we recommend that you have it maintained and serviced at regular intervals.

Instruments purchased from us qualify for a 10% discount on all Woodwind Repairs (subject to verification). This does not affect the standard 12 month guarantee.

Woodwind Repairs - Meet the Woodwind Repair Workshop

Abi Taylor
Abi Taylor
Ivan Smith
Ivan Smith
Sunniva Hellarud
Sunniva Hellerud
Mark Hudson
Mark Hudson
Jocelyn Rosser
Jocelyn Rosser
Ana Guerreiro
Ana Guerreiro

Woodwind Repairs - Maintenance Videos

Latest Workshop Repairs

The Selmer Mark 6 Tenor Saxophone was bought into the Workshop the other week. It had some really serious damage when it was put into the hold of an aircraft. The main stack was really badly bent and the Saxophone did not play. We were looking at one very sick Saxophone... The impact had upset the alignment of the pillars, and the pads were not seating on the tone-holes. Take a look at the before and after pictures below.

Selmer mark 6 with bent main stack - Before Selmer mark 6 fully straightened - After

Repairing it was quite a challenge! Firstly, we straightened the body and removed the dents. Next, we removed all the keywork and set the pillars back in the correct place. Then we straightened the keys so that the rod screws passed through them without them binding and changed some of the upper pads.

The Selmer Mark 6 Tenor Sax is owned by a professional Saxophonist. When he got it back, he was amazed with what we had achieved. Here's what he said about us:

"I'm so very grateful for the amazing job you and the team did with my VI. I was almost afraid it was too serious to repair (!!), so to see it back in perfect working order is just fantastic - thank you ever so much!!" Richard Shepherd - Jazz Saxophonist - Ronnie Scott's Jazz Orchestra, Richard Shepherd Boptet, Frank Griffith Big Band

This Selmer Mark 6 Alto Sax was in the Workshop last week for a full Overhaul.
The pads were really worn and were not sealing at all making it difficult to play. The picture below shows the condition of the old pads, compared to some new ones.

Selmer Mark 6 Alto Sax - full overhaul Selmer Sax pads

The pictures below show the Mark 6 stripped down (left), and fully Overhauled (right).
We don't normally see vintage Saxophones in such good condition. This one was really mint and had its original lacquer, 'crocodile skin' imitation case and no dents.

Selmer MkVI stripped down Selmer MKVI after overhaul

We can collect your Instrument too...

If you can't make it to the shop, we can arrange for your Instrument to be collected from you at a convenient time. The cost for a collection is £15 and £9 for delivery back.

All we ask is that the Instrument is packaged in an outer cardboard box and is well padded. An accompanying letter with your contact details makes it easier at our end. Please note that we do not accept Baritone Saxophones through the post.

Woodwind Repairs - Quick On the Spot repairs

Quick Woodwind Repairs

Quick adjustments and minor repairs can be bought to us during normal shop hours. We can generally spend up to 30 minutes per customer. We have a minimum charge £25.00 for all on the spot work.

Repair Prices

Any work will be charged at our normal rate of £45.00 per hour plus the cost of materials. We choose not to publish our prices because each Instrument repair is different. However our prices are competitive and we are able to give you an estimate when we see the Instrument.


"Hi I would just like to say thanks to the young lady in the repair shop Abi ? for the on the spot repair to my Conn 10m today I had almost given up trying to get it to play as a 10m should , but an hour in her expert hands and it screams !!" Steve

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for incredible customer service. The telephone was answered swiftly on my initial telephone call. Sam was very helpful, and my daughter's flute was repaired and despatched the same day it was received. I received a telephone call to tell me what the problem was and to ask how I would like it sent. Unfortunately there was a hold up with the carriers which delayed it by a day, but even so, having posted it Monday evening, and having it returned Thursday morning is fantastic service! My daughter will be very please when she comes home from school. It is good to see that there are still the odd one or two companies who will do their utmost to provide such a service. It is much appreciated. THANK YOU." Sue Jeans

"I recently purchased a Yanigisawa Baritone B901 from a friend and when I played it, I was impressed, however, it was only when I compared to another B901 I noticed the difference, I couldnt see any leaks that would diminish the tone etc., so I brought it up to Dawkes last Monday and collected it Thursday. The same evening I played at rehearshal. Totally amazing,the baritone is so responsive especially on the bottom notes and allowed me to play a sub-tone whenever the music required it. My greatful thanks to Ivan, for the brilliant repair. Its such a pity I waited so long to get the sax inspected. i will return next week to collect my Alto B991 which also has been overhauled. Well Done Ivan." Colin Campbell-Baritone Royal Marine Association Concert Band

"Good morning I wantede to say a big thank you to Abi. My bass clarinet arrived safely yesterday and played like a beautiful melting dream last night in the band, just delicious. Everyone noticed it was back!" Maggie Fisher

"Had the bass clarinet serviced recently and just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU!!! It is playing it so beautifully and soaring over the octave as its never done before!!! Thanks!!!" Louise Rayner

"Just a short email to thank Ivan for doing a wonderful repair on my lovely old bass clarinet. It plays beautifully now and his care and attention to detail is very much appreciated. With kind regards Robin Aitken " Robin Aitken

"What a wonderful repair department you have. The local repairer had written off my old Dolnet tenor sax, but it now plays as well as ever - and looks extremely neat! It really doesn't matter where you are in the country because of the arranged courier service, so Dawkes is once again my local music shop/repairers, even though I now live in Cornwall" Neville Witham

"I recently brought my sons alto sax in for a minor repair and wanted to thank Ivan for his helpfulness and willingness to carry out the work on the spot. My son needs his sax most days of the week as he's in several groups and to be without it for a number of days would have been quite difficult for him. It has just served to cement my good judjement in choosing Dawkes in the first place! Thanks Again!"Mrs K Wright - Parent

"I bought my very first alto from Dawkes (aged 11!), and I've yet to find a better place for looking after my saxes. Regardless of whether one is a student or a professional, the team really cares about the needs of the individual - it's great peace of mind to know that your instruments are being treated well by people who know the way you play. I've just had my Mark VI tenor restored to perfect condition, and if you're looking for more than just an "instrument shop", and service from experts who are passionate about wind instruments."Richard Shepherd - Ronnie Scott's Jazz Orchestra

"I find the technicians in the repair department at Dawkes Music are always friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help whenever I bring in school or private instruments to be repaired. Wherever possible instruments are repaired on the spot, or else they are booked in, giving me an instant date for the repair. During the 36 years that I have visited Dawkes I have always found repairs to be of the highest quality."Heather Leech-Bendell - Professional Woodwind Tutor

"When using or recommending their workshop, no job has ever been too big or too small, and I have never been met with raised eyebrows or sucking of teeth!!! The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and clearly a dab hand with more than just a screwdriver!!"Louise Williams - Flute Tutor, www.flutesalad.org / www.lwmusic.org.uk

"Abi did a great job on my soprano neck/crook and my sax was also ready before I needed it for practice. What can I say...superb service and attention." J Moriarty

"I would like to pass on my thanks to the Dawkes repair workshop for the fantastic job you've done on my clarinet. It looks and plays like new - money well spent and I wish I'd done it sooner."Duncan Murray

"I am just writing to thank you for the totally excellent service you carried out on the Yanagisawa Tenor Sax this week. I played it last night at the Woodley Concert Band practice and the instrument plays even better now than I can remember. Well done!"Mr P Cowley - Sax Player

"Dawkes is one of the few places I trust with my instruments, whether for minor adjustments or major repairs. The staff are friendly and helpful, happy to spend time adjusting instruments to specific requirements, and the turn-around time is much faster than others. My saxes and clarinets have been in many times and always come back playing like new. Dawkes is the only repair department I recommend to my pupils!"Alastair Penman - Sax/Clt Tutor, Bucks http://www.alastairpenman.co.uk/

"I am very pleased to endorse the Repair Shop at Dawkes Music for their prompt and efficient service. They are always most corteous and helpful, and as a professional musician I am most appreciative of their willingness to make instant repairs and adjustments when needed.In my guise as Sax/Clt teacher at Eton College, I can confirm that Eton Music School are very satisfied with the performance of the Repair Shop."Peter Ripper - Sax/Clt Tutor at Eton College, ex BBC Radio Big Band, London Sax Quartet

"Dawkes are the region's premier wind and brass specialists, and we are lucky to have them on our doorstep here in Maidenhead. With a warm welcome from their fantastic team of staff, whether you are looking to try, hire or buy an instrument or accessories, need aminor repair or major overhaul or just advice, you are guaranteed the best level of service, expertise....and even a cup of coffee!"Caroline Owen - Clarinettist with Chamberhouse Winds, Area Senior Leader for Berkshire Maestros

"On the countless times I have brought instruments in for repair (anything from replacemant pads through to full overhauls and even reconstructing a badly damaged French Horn) over the last 20 years the service has been expert, at times exceedingly quick and always done with good humour. I can't recomend them highly enough."Simon Carr - Professional Woodwind Player & Head of Woodwind at Radley College, Oxford.

"Just got my treasured Conn 30M Tenor back from a complete overhaul by Tony in the workshop - a fabulous job & it's blowing better than ever...probably better than the day it left the factory in 1937!With this and the great jobs you did overhauling my Buescher & Yamaha Altos earlier this year, I'll certainly be recommending you to everyone that I know."J McKellow - www.saxappeal.net / www.thesoulmates.co.uk

"Excellent workmanship and friendly service! Work always carried out with an eye for detail and the good of the player in mind." Jeremy Shoobridge - Woodwind Teacher, Kent

Woodwind Repair Bookings

To book in your Instrument or to contact the Workshop, please use the contact form below: