Bravo GK Synthetic Bb Clarinet Reed Box of 5

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Bravo reeds were designed in California, USA and are made to the strictest non-toxic EU guidelines. They are supplied in a box of 5 and reportedly offer longer life span than standard cane reeds.

Upon testing we've found these reeds to be one of the most impressive synthetic options we've ever tried. With a flexibility and response that is commonly missing on synthetic reeds the Bravo offers a clean sound but still with some warmth and a wide dynamic range is possible.

In terms of strength we would say these are very similar to the Vandoren V12 strengths, or to put it another way 1/2 strength softer than Vandoren Classic blue box.


Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2018-11-01

Very good reeds, #2 works for me.

Artem  -  2018-10-31

very good!

Sue Burnay  -  2018-07-26

bought a single reed to try out - tone seems good. It does have a tendency to slip on the mouthpiece while you tighten the ligature, but OK once set up. Really saved the day when I played outside on a very hot day with our band - no problem with the reed drying out and failing to speak (as several other clarinet players found on the day).

Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2018-04-25

good reed - but make sure you get the right strength - very important.

Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2018-01-31

Very good value only two small points with the reed being black
seeing the adjustment against the mouthpiece needs more care
and as I normally use a 2.5 reed I do find the 2.5 a bit stronger
and would try a 2 the next time although the tone is good.

Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2017-03-30

First time I've used synthetic reeds.
Had read so much about them but wasn't sure if the extra expense would be justified.
Bravo were a cheaper option than Legere but have proved to be ideal for my use.
Found them to be more resistant than cane but they do soften after about 30 mins warm up.
Probably should have gone for 1/2 strength lower.
Will definitely outlast my cane reeds and encourage me to improve my embouchure/breathing.
Very satisfied

Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2016-11-25

Clarinet newbie and for me these reeds were much better than cane.

Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2016-11-19

Good product easy to control compared with 100% organic types

peter bailey  -  2015-10-30

This is a first impressions review as only had a couple of hours so far but so good I have to spread the word, tried three out of the five and exactly the same, great . Had a bad reed week/month only 50% good reeds from a box and then not lasting long, we've all been there. Tried most other synthetic reeds and find them slippery on the bottom lip, not these and perhaps half a strength down on blue box, all notes clear and easily obtainable top to bottom. Probably not the thing for professional performance but at home, school and amateur performance just the thing, slight buzz but not anywhere even close as bad as plasticover. No washing,drying or wetting needed and clever cases. Works really well with my favourite mouthpiece of all time the windcraft etude not quite as good on the ESM but that's the same with bluebox. They slip with a metal ligature but fine with a Rovner, just hope they last and Dawkes keep stocking them as over forty years I have spent the equivalent price of a small house on reeds, sure the price will treble if they take off. So if you're dissatisfied with your present reeds give them a try, certainly better than low end Rico.

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