Clarinet Cases from Dawkes Music

If you’re looking to buy a clarinet case, we have a wide range of different models to choose from. Protecting your Clarinet is paramount to keeping it in good condition. Choosing the right case will help you keep it safe and offer you extra carrying and handling options. Our stock includes models from top brands such as BAM, ProTec, Rosetti, Champion, Yamaha and more.

How to Buy

Our cases are available to buy here on the website, or by visiting us in store. We stock options for Bb Clarinet, A Clarinet, Eb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Alto Clarinet. Browse our range and place your order. Any orders made before 2pm are sent out the same day (Mon-Fri). We rarely get fitting issues with Clarinet cases but if there is a problem you can return the case for a full refund (excludes postage). If you are able to visit our Maidenhead store we can let you try a range of cases during your visit. Bring your clarinet & accessories and try them in a selection to see which fits best.

How much do Clarinet cases weigh?

The weight can vary depending on the material used, if it has extra pockets, backpack straps or other features. However, most clarinet cases weight between 0.75kg – 2kg. Soft style cases can weigh less but offer less protection. The best option is usually a lightweight hard-shell case with enough space for your accessories.

How much do Clarinet cases cost?

Budget models start from around £30. These are great if you need a low-cost replacement for a student plastic instrument, but we’d recommend investing a little more if possible when seeking a case for an upgrade or pro wooden instrument.

Whilst there are options for all budgets, we’d suggest a range of £85 - £145 would allow you to consider the best alternatives from top brands such as ProTec and BAM.

How to choose

It’s important to consider where and when you will be using the case. Does it generally stay at home, or do you need to transport it? If you are transporting it, is that far and by what method? Depending on the use, you may want to look for features such as shoulder or backpack straps which can help when walking or cycling with a case.

The weight is also something to consider vs the protection. Most of the lightweight hard-shell models do offer excellent protection but also consider what else you’d like to fit in the case. For example, is there space for a music book? If so, don’t forget that will make it heavier. Consider your use and purpose and then choose the best option to fulfil those.

Remember the type of clarinet (Bb for example) need a specific Bb case. We do also offer double clarinet cases for pairs of Bb and A Clarinets.

Can you get Clarinet cases on wheels?

Not really. Most clarinet cases are small and compact and as such it would ineffective to have wheels fitted to a clarinet case. Bass Clarinet cases are considerably larger but even then, there aren’t currently any models that feature wheels. However, most do offer excellent padded shoulder and backpack straps to help with portability.