Gonzalez Jazz Local 627 Tenor Sax Reed

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The new Gonzalez Local 627 Jazz Reeds are more flexible and vibrant than the Gonzalez Alto Regular Cut. The reeds are finished with a larger area of scraping. which gives a brilliant sound and quick response.

Ideal alternative for people currently using Jazz Select unfiled or Vandoren V16, ZZ or even Java green box. A better price, more consistent and a comparable reed. Works best on American style facing curves like Link, Meyer, Wanne, Navarro, Aizen etc.

Strength is fairly hard so equivalent to Vandoren blue box classics. If you're using a ZZ 2.5 then a Gonzalez 2.5 should be ok depending on mouthpiece facing etc. Perhaps go for a slightly softer strength than Java green box if that's what you are used to. Ie Java 3 equals Gonzalez Jazz 2.5


Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2019-05-22

Amazing reeds, cosnsistent, long-lasting and better priced than the rest

Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2019-03-09

I love using these reeds.

Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2019-01-27

Really good reeds.Nice sound .

Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2019-01-17

Gonzales jazz tenor reeds.

Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2018-07-26

Sono le mie ance preferite!

Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2017-06-17

Very good and consistent reeds.

Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2017-04-01

Only tried one so far; lovely to play, if slightly "breathy" sound.

Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2017-02-20

I always use Gonzalez reeds, very high quality

Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2016-02-10

Good jazz reeds Cheaper than european or American

Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2015-12-18

Good quality from Argentina!

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