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MusicMedic Hinge Tube Cutter Set

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This MusicMedic Hinge Tube Shortening and Post Facing Set makes it faster and easier to achieve low friction and maximum surface contact in your key fitting. Flat, parallel key ends and post faces allow you to fit keys to a high level of precision for your most demanding customers. This set was developed in the Sax ProShop and manufactured at MusicMedic in Wilmington, NC, USA. 

The set contains a pin vise handle, various diameters of short pilots and long drivers, 6 rotary cutters, an inner de-burring tool, an outer de-burring tool, a 1-72 die, and a convenient carrying case.  

With this set, you can push cut and pull cut to face both posts and key ends, and you can de-burr them afterwards. A die is included to make additional pilots and drivers from rod stock as needed.  

The hardened steel cutting blades can be sharpened in-house at MusicMedic, and all replacement parts are available.

To Face Posts:

To face stack posts, select a driver and a pilot which closely fit through the post holes without excessive friction. Select the largest double sided cutter, checking for marks on the side of the cutter which indicate which direction is push and pull. Insert the pilot into the opposing post and thread on the cutter.  Next, mount the driver in the handle, and insert the driver through the first post head and thread it into the double sided cutter. Push through until cutter makes contact with the opposing post face, and rotate to push cut.  Next, pull the driver back through until it makes contact with the nearest post face and rotate to pull cut.

To Face Threaded Posts:

Select a pilot that will fit through the threaded post, and thread on the double sided cutter, paying attention to which direction is push and pull. Feed the driver through and thread onto the cutter. Push cut threaded post face, and pull cut the opposing post face. 

To Face Key Ends:

Select a pilot which fits through the hinge tube of a key without excessive friction. Mount it in the handle. Select the largest cutting blade that has clearance around the key end, and is a larger diameter than the hinge tube of the key. The marks on the cutter denote whether the side is push or pull. Thread the cutter onto the pilot. Draw the pilot back through the key until the cutter makes contact with the key end.  Rotate pilot to pull cut. De-burr inside and outside of key end lightly with the de-burring tools. 

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