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MusicMedic Maestro Star Airtight Resonator - Silver Plated Brass

MusicMedic Maestro Star Airtight Resonator - Silver Plated Brass
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Maestro Star Airtight Resonators - Silver Plated Brass 11.5mm

Resonators are attached to the pad with a rivet and reflect sound back into the bore of the Saxophone. While there are a lot of theories in the Saxophone repair field about the different sizes, shapes, and types of metals used in resonators, it is often difficult to pinpoint with certainty the specific differences that resonators make. Generally, increased surface area of the resonator is attributed to free-blowing and 'brightness'. Less surface area is attributed to a 'darker' sound. Because the resonator is only one contributor among many factors in sound production, it is best to let the player decide what they like best. Music Medic Maestro resonators also offer an interesting aesthetic option for players looking to customise their horn.

From least surface area to most, Music Medic resonators go from: rivet, flat metal, domed, seamless domed, Maestro Classic, and Maestro Airtight. 

These Maestro resonators achieved an improved airtight design by bevelling the edges. The bevel results in a smooth contact surface between the pad leather and the resonator, creating the first 'waffle' resonator that won’t leak. The benefits of this innovation are twofold - First, the increased surface area gives you the same great sound as the original design. Second, the constant contact with the pad leather allows the resonator to sit perfectly flat on the pad holding. Even pressure on the pad surface makes pad installation easier, holds the leather tight on the pad and helps to prevent leaks.

Players who are seeking more projection will choose Maestro resonators. Maestro resonators are also available in various raw or plated materials, which will affect the potential resonance of the sound produced. The Silver Plating on these Brass resonators adds extra weight and therefore depth to the tonal core.

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