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Nuvo jSax in Black with Blue Trim

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The Nuvo jSax brings the world of saxophone playing to a wider audience than ever! Young musicians can now start to play an instrument with traditional feel from an early age.

The jSax has a traditional fingering system and serves to enable newcomers to develop embouchure and tuning skills which will be directly transferable to a full size saxophone. The tone is surprisingly mellow, and therefore this instrument offers a lot of fun for both newcomers and established amateur saxophonists.

Following in the tradition established with other Nuvo instruments, the jSax is pitched in C (concert pitch). This makes integration into classroom music making very easy, and means that the jSax is also compatible with all WindStars music. The instrument has a fully chromatic range from middle C (C4) to G in the next octave up (G5).

Due to its design and construction, the jSax requires very little maintenance and is simple to clean; warm soapy water will do the trick in next to no time! Since the pads are synthetic, there is no risk of water damage, simply allow the instrument to drip dry before returning to its case. You can take your jSax with you wherever you go, they love camping, hiking, climbing and even swimming!

The jSax outfit is supplied with two synthetic reeds, strengths 1.5 and 2 which are great for getting started. In addition to Nuvo synthetic reeds, more experienced players may prefer to use traditional cane reeds; Eb clarinet size is a perfect fit. The standard jSax outfit includes moulded case and carry strap, and is supplied as the curved instrument. Some adults may find a straight option more comfortable, in which case the Straighten your jSax kit consists of a straight neck and bell to transform the curved instrument.


Wendy  -  2016-06-29

Brilliant . Highly recommend I'm a 'mature' female learner of saxophone, I play recorder and have some experience of clarinet. I have had my jSax for 3 days now. I have waited many years for an instrument like this. Adults don't be put off because it's aimed at younger folk.... It's nice and robust and large and weighty enough to feel good in adults hands. Well built, very good quality materials, really saxophone like sound and not scary like a large saxophone might be. I managed to get some sounds straight away but don't think you won't be challenged, it takes time to get a good tone on some of those notes. A great introduction to saxophone, excellent fun.

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