* Valid on all new rentals started before Dec 30th 2018. After initial card deposit the direct debit starts on month 3. Therefore 2nd month is free of charge.

Rent a Trombone

RENT a Yamaha Trombone for £20 per month...

  • Easy Monthly Payments
  • Free Insurance & Free Maintenance
  • Half of payments from month 4 onwards used as credit
  • Quality Yamaha Trombone - checked and ready
  • No maximum time limit on rental (Minimum 3 month commitment applies).

Our low cost Trombone rental scheme is designed to get you started with the best possible instrument so playing is easier and more fun! The Yamaha YSL-354ECN Tenor Trombone is the best Trombone to start on as it's easy to play, sounds great and is very reliable. When you rent a Trombone, you get a case, slide cleaning rod, and mouthpiece; in fact everything you need to get started. We even get the our Brass Repairs workshop to check everything fully and play test the instrument before it comes to you.


Our rental scheme is run on a monthly direct debit which is set up online via GoCardless. There is a minimum rental commitment of 3 months. After this point you can either keep on renting and paying monthly, or return the instrument to us.

If you carry on renting we save half of each monthly payment from month 4 onwards, and you can use this in the future towards the cost of a replacement instrument. The rental instrument always comes back to us, i.e. you're not buying that one, but you can use your credit at any time towards a new or second hand instrument to own. Any questions? Please contact us for more information, or call us on 01628 630800.

We have added a short video to explain how our rental scheme works.
We are able to supply the following rental Trombones:

The YSL354ECN Tenor Trombone is suitable for most players.
The YSL-350C is ideal for children who can't stretch their arms far enough to play all the slide positions, but it is also suitable for adults playing trombone in marching bands and other situations where space is limited.

Instrument Models Monthly Cost Stock Click to Rent
Tenor Trombone Yamaha YSL354ECN£20.00 Rent
Tenor Trombone Compact Yamaha YSL350C£32.00

Please note: Instruments can only be delivered to your UK home address.
We will contact you before despatch as part of our security checks. Please ensure we have suitable contact details.
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