Rico/D’Addario Clarinet Reeds

What started as the classic orange box Rico and blue box Rico Royal reeds has now developed into a much more comprehensive range. The Rico name is owned by D’Addario Woodwinds and they have been producing these reeds since the early 2000’s. There are a variety of models and designs that are suited to Clarinet players of all types, playing in all genres from classical to jazz.

Why D’Addario Clarinet Reeds?

The range has developed hugely in the past 20 years. Whether you are a student or parent wanting an affordable but reliable beginner’s reed, or a seasoned professional needing a consistent offering for performances…the D’Addario Clarinet reed range has an option for you. D’Addario have invested millions of dollars in high-tech manufacturing processes, enhanced research & development with leading players, and 100% organic cane production.

Filed vs Unfiled Clarinet Reed Cuts

Filed vs Unfiled D’Addario Reed Cuts

One basic difference between clarinet reeds is the cut style. This can be filed (French Cut) or unfiled (American Cut). The filed reeds have a secondary cut, usually directly below the main cut. The filed clarinet reeds generally feature a thinner tip but thicker heart. The thinner tip helps with articulation, and this gives them a clean and precise tone. The unfiled reeds in general have a ‘woodier’ and deeper resonance.

The choice is primarily affected by your personal preference, but the mouthpiece plays an important role also. The filed cut reeds are generally suited to clarinet mouthpieces that have a ‘French-style’ facing curve. Classic designs such as Vandoren 5RV, B40 and B45 and many others have this general design. Whereas mouthpieces that have an ‘American-style’ facing curve (flatter at the end) will generally suit the unfiled reed cut better. Examples would include the Vandoren M and BD series, as well as some of the D’Addario Reserve models.

Rico by D'Addario Clarinet Reeds

Rico by D'Addario

  • Legendary student reed, ideal for beginners
  • Traditional blank and profile design
  • Unfiled cut gives a strong sound
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Royal by D'Addario Clarinet Reeds

Royal by D'Addario

  • Premium student reed, or for advancing players
  • Traditional blank and profile design
  • Filed cut for increased tonal clarity
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La Voz Clarinet Reeds

La Voz

  • Preferred by Jazz players due to tone character
  • Stronger spine with balanced profile
  • Unfiled cut gives a textured expressive tone
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Plasticover Clarinet Reeds


  • Features unique coated formula on top of standard cane
  • Increased durability and weather resistance
  • Filed cut combined with material gives a brilliant tone
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Mitchell Lurie Clarinet Reeds

Mitchell Lurie

  • Upgrade/Step-Up high-quality reed
  • Warm sound with good clarity
  • Unfiled cut gives strong tonal support
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Mitchell Lurie Premium Clarinet Reeds

Mitchell Lurie Premium

  • Upgrade/Step-Up high-quality reed
  • Excellent response and precision
  • Filed cut emulates premium French-style reeds
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Organic Reserve Clarinet Reeds

Organic Reserve

  • Finest quality selected organic cane
  • Clear and even tone across all registers
  • Filed with a shorter vamp and thinner tip thickness
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Organic Reserve Classic Clarinet Reeds

Organic Reserve Classic

  • Upgrade/Step-Up high-quality reed
  • Flexible and full of tonal colour and volume
  • Filed cut with a longer vamp
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Organic Reserve Evolution Clarinet Reeds

Organic Reserve Evolution

  • Upgrade/Step-Up high-quality reed
  • Full, round, and dense tone
  • Unfiled cut with a heavy spine with thicker tip
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Venn Synthetic Clarinet Reeds

Venn Synthetic

  • Made of unique polymer fibres
  • Material includes natural cane particles
  • Warm and rich sound, highly consistent & durable
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