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Ton Kooiman Clarinet Maestro II Thumb Rest Support

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- great comfort and balance for the demanding player.

- prevents fatigue and injury over many years of playing and relaxes all muscles even towards the neck

- supports a thumb and hand position (on a scientific basis), by a wide range of  adjustability

-speeds up technique and supports a flow-state of playing
-No callous on thumb or cramping of hand.

-Easy to install using a mounting slide

-Adjustment upwards at right side of thumb rest, preventing the thumb to sag.

-Provides for a natural and individual hand position.

-Hand opens more for freedom in technical phrases.

-The thumb is held higher and is either straight or slightly bent.


Anonymous review via Feefo  -  2015-01-03

This product was not cheap, but it is beautifully made (and I speak as an impressed engineer!).

However, it does not work as intended for me. I should say at the start that my thumb joints are not 'standard', in that I have had the trapezium bone at the base of each thumb removed because they were arthritic, and this has slightly changed the dynamics of the thumb joints.

The blurb says that moving the weight of the clarinet from the end of the thumb back towards the base joint reduces the bending moment at the joint. (As an engineer) I can confirm that this is perfectly correct; however, I can also tell you that the shear stress at the joint due to the weight of the clarinet is not reduced, and remains the same no matter where the load is applied! Whatever the reason, I found that the device as designed was actually less comfortable on my thumb than the standard arrangement, although I can't say precisely why.

Another problem with the design of this device is that the weight of the instrument is now taken about 2" to the right of the centreline of the instrument, which upsets the balance of the instrument, causing it to tip strongly to the left, and feels all wrong.

However, it is not all negative, because I find that the thumb support that sits on the clarinet body is a good deal more comfortable than the bare instrument, and I can now just about reach right hand B, which was previously impossible for me.

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