Yamaha YCL-CSGIIIHL Gold Keys/Lever - Bb Clarinet

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The HL version of the CSGIII offers the instrument with the special Hamilton gold plated keywork, this extra key finishing process adds durability and extra resonance to the keys and all the pillars and extra trim.

Yamaha have redesigned and reinvented the previous CSG model to present this new CSGIIIHL. And, they have done a seriously good job!

Assisted by top UK professional Michael Collins and other European Yamaha artists this new model oozes quality and is meticulously produced to the highest standards.

Both the bell and barrel have been redesigned from the original CSG clarinet, these changes add more warmth and resonance to the instrument. The CSGIIIHL also benefits from new sleeker key modelling, redesigned tonehole positions and design, and correct use of leather and cork pads at various points of the instrument. All these improvements add to the projection and feel of pro quality.

The CSGIIIHL also has the extra low E and F correction lever. This extra lever can be deployed to modify the pitch of the low E and F which are commonly a little flat on most clarinets due to the natural challenges of an instrument of this length and shape.

Lets be clear, the Pro market is dominated by Buffet, with the R13 outselling others by far. We genuinely believe this is the first clarinet at a similar price that could seriously beat an R13 on tone and projection, it goes without saying that the Yamaha build quality is also second to none.

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