Saxophone Cases from Dawkes Music

Your Saxophone is a valuable piece of equipment so it’s important to keep it protected and safe in a suitable case. Our range of Saxophone cases offer options for all types of scenarios from lightweight and portable for players on the move, to super-secure cases for flights and more. Our range includes models from top brands such as BAM, Pro Tec, Hiscox, Selmer and more.

How to Buy

Our range of Saxophone cases are all listed here on our website including options for Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax and Baritone Sax. Browse our range and choose the case to suit you. Any orders received before 2pm are sent out via courier the same day (Mon-Fri). If for some reason your Sax does not fit the case, we can arrange a courier collection (£15) and a refund of the case. Please check out our delivery & return page for more information. If you are able to visit our Maidenhead store you can bring your Saxophone and try it in a variety of different cases we stock. You can make an appointment to visit us and we will have a few cases ready for you to try out.

How much do Saxophone cases weigh?

This can vary wildly depending on the type of case you are looking for. Soft gig bag style cases are generally lighter but offer limited protection. Heavy-duty hard cases offer the best protection but weigh more. To give some examples, a hard-shell shaped Alto Sax case may weigh around 2kg and a similar Tenor Sax case around 2.5kg. We stock models that weigh from around 1.5kg – 6kg covering Soprano down to Baritone Sax.

How much do Saxophone cases cost?

The basic models start from around £50 and professional cases with more features and functionality can cost up to £300. There are many options between £75 - £200 which would cover the vast majority of people’s requirements. Commonly the more you can pay, the longer the case will last and the better protection it will offer your instrument. Ask yourself if your case is commonly kept at home or does it travel on many journeys with you? These questions will determine your level of investment.

How to choose

The consideration here is fit vs function. Ideally, you want a case that offers a good internal fit for your Saxophone. The instrument needs to be held safely and securely but not pressed upon by any hard areas of the case. Consider if you’re needing to transport the case regularly. If so, consider something with a padded shoulder strap as the minimum and perhaps better still a full backpack option. The shaped cases are often smaller and sleeker, but they’re not easy to cycle with for example where an oblong style would be more suitable. So, think about usage and fit primarily. If in doubt, please contact us and one of our award-winning support team can offer advice from all of their experience.

Can you get Saxophone cases on wheels?

Generally, the only Sax cases that come with wheels are Baritone Saxophone cases. This is not just because they are the heaviest but because they are taller and as such they can more easily be wheeled along. There are some Alto/Tenor or Sax/Clarinet combo cases that have wheels, but this is quite rare. Adding the wheels and pully mechanism tends to add a lot of weight to the case making them bulkier and heavier, and most people are looking for lighter more portable cases.

Do soft Gig Bags protect Saxophones enough?

In our experience, especially from a workshop point of view, we do see some sad situations where Saxophones in soft gig bags have suffered damage from drops and having things piled on top of them. Soft gig bags are generally light which is the appeal, but the big payoff is if they offer suitable protection. In our experience, most people would be generally better off looking for a lightweight but hard or semi-hardshell case that is a compromise between weight and protection. After all the instrument you are putting inside will be worth hundreds or thousands of pounds.