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Yamaha Tenor Horns

Here you will find our range of Yamaha Tenor Horns for sale. These instruments offer excellent manufacturing quality and as such result in a free-blowing, reliable and beautiful sounding option. For many players and teachers alike, Yamaha are the no.1 choice for Tenor Horns.

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Yamaha YAH-203 Lacquer - Tenor Horn

Yamaha YAH-203 Lacquer - Tenor Horn


Why Tenor Horn?

The Tenor Horn, or Alto Horn as it is referred to in some musical markets, has its own beautiful tone and character. Whether it’s blending harmoniously into a band or if it’s being featured as a soloist instrument, the Tenor Horn has its own voice. Yamaha offer two main options for Tenor Horn players, each of which is specifically designed to help the prospective user to enhance their tone quality and performance.

Research, Design & Improvements

Yamaha have been manufacturing instruments since 1897. During the 1960s and 1970s they expanded into the brass instrument world and began slowly but surely building up a range of models for players at different experience levels. In the first part of this development the Yamaha team assessed many of the available models on the market to see what did and didn’t work about them. The goal was to then introduce their own instruments that improved some of the imperfections in the competition.

This extra care and attention at the Research & Development stage ensures that each model range is built from the ground up. Special thought is given to how Yamaha can resolve inherent issues in the instruments design and how that can help aid the performer and free them from technical restraints.

Model Differences

As the Tenor Horn is a lesser played instrument than Cornet or Trumpet for example, there are far less options on the market. Yamaha produce two main models for Tenor Horn, the student 200 series and the professional Neo 800 series.

The YAH-203 is their beginner model but it offers much more than that. The build quality is exceptional, and it has a beautiful tone and excellent intonation. The valve system is rapid and reliable, and these instruments make a great starting point for any new or advancing Tenor Horn player.

For the more experienced player and professionals, Yamaha produced the Neo range of instruments. The Tenor Horn Neo is called the YAH-803 and it’s available in lacquer or silver-plate. These Neo instruments were designed specifically for the brass band market and to bring that distinctive and well-loved tonal character. The Neo Tenor Horn was developed alongside top professional players such as Sheona White. It features a large two-piece yellow brass bell for added projection, a new leadpipe design for a more natural resistance and a heavier receiver and heavy valve casing to add weight at these core nodal points.

PREMIUM Set-Up: Information

Our PREMIUM Set-Up instruments have been chosen by our Workshop Technicians to receive an enhanced and customised pre-sale preparation.

This can include use of specialised materials and processes to enhance the feel, response and playability of the instrument.

A full list of the specific set-up materials and processes is offered on these selected instrument pages.